Water Recycling System Green Bay WI
A car wash is seen. SoBrite offers car wash water treatment systems.

The Top Water Recycling System For Green Bay WI Car Washes

If you’re in the car wash business, you need a good water treatment system you can count on to provide your customers with stellar results. If you need a quality water recycling system in Green Bay WI, look to SoBrite Water Treatment Solutions.

What Makes SoBrite The Best Water Recycling System?

We go back to 1975, when our original founder noticed distinct differences in the water quality of various car washes and started utilizing spot-free systems that provided higher-quality water while still allowing the reuse of reclaim water.

How Do I Evaluate A Water Reclaim System?

There are so many factors involved in choosing a water reclaim system and every site has unique requirements. It is best to contact us directly to assess your reclaim needs. Some things to consider and to have ready to discuss with a SoBrite sales representative include:

  • What applications do you intend to use the reclaim water on?
  • What size of car wash are you building or converting?
  • Will the car wash operate as a belt/conveyor/rollover wash?
  • Do you already have reclaim tanks in the ground?
  • How many cars per hour do you expect to serve?

How Can SoBrite Help You Satisfy Customers With High Standards?

Make no mistake, people who care about their vehicles are absolutely aware of the difference in quality between one car wash and another.

Does The SoBrite System Require A Lot Of Hands-On Work?

There are minimal start-up routines that start the day, but most of the equipment is automatic. Nothing special needs to be done at the end of the day.

What Kind Of Customer Support Can I Expect?

Our equipment is assembled here in the U.S. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent service. When you call us, you’ll reach a real person who can help you resolve any issues. Give us a call at (800) 762-7483.

A car is seen in a car wash. SoBrite Technologies offers Water Recycling System Green Bay WI.

Can I Use SoBrite Equipment To Solve Odor Problems With My Non-SoBrite Car Wash?

Yes, we have patented SoBride Aqua Prep technology that you can add to your existing water reclaim system. Just give us a call.

Are You Ready To Start Using The Best Water Treatment System?

It’s time for your car wash business to up its game. Are you ready? If you’re ready for the Water Recycling System Green Bay WI loves, call SoBrite Technologies at (800) 762-7483.