FAQ About SoBrite Water Treatment Solutions

Car Wash Water Reclaim:

How do I choose a water reclaim system?

Choosing a water reclaim system is based on what your water needs are and what type of wash you have.

I have an existing structure without underground tanks, can I still do reclaim?

Yes, reclaim tanks can be above ground, or you can add in ground tanks.

How complicated is morning startup?

Morning startup is simple: move selector switch to off position, clean inlet basket strainer, and return selector switch to previous position.

What happens if we run out of reclaim water?

If you run out of reclaim water and you have an ERS reclaim unit, it will automatically switch over to fresh water. If you have a Filtermatic unit, the fresh water make up solenoid will kick on before you run out of filtered water so you can continue washing.

What do I do when I am done washing cars for the day?

There is no maintenance at the end of the day.

How long do you suggest I leave the machine on during the day?

Suggested operating hours are from 5AM to 10PM. In Auto Mode, the unit is programed to turn on at 5AM and off at 10PM (program can be adjusted upon request).  In Hand Mode, the unit will run 24/7.

How long will a unit last before it needs to be replaced?

There are properly maintained reclaim units in operation today that were installed in the mid ‘90s.

Car Wash Odor Control:

I have a reclaim system, that is not a SoBrite system, and my water has an odor. Do you have anything that can help me with this issue?

Yes, reclaim water odors can be greatly reduced by the addition of SoBrite Odor Control technology. We offer two odor control options:  SoBrite AquaPrep or SoBrite Adder (see product pages for more information).

Car Wash Spot Free Rinse:

How long do R.O. membranes last?

R.O. membranes should last 3-5 years, if using the recommended water softener.

Are any R.O. systems expandable?

Yes, our Deluxe R.O. units of 10,000 GPD or less are expandable.


Is support included?

Yes, we offer technical support for the life of our units.  For technical support call (800) 762-7483 or email info@sobrite.com.

How do I setup the equipment?

For equipment setup, detailed instructions are provided with each unit. If further assistance is required, please contact SoBrite.

Where do I order replacement parts?

Replacement parts can be ordered directly from SoBrite or through your distributor.

What is the expected lead time for an equipment order?

Lead times vary for different systems, but will fall within a 2-8 week window.

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