What Happens to the Dirty Water from a Car Wash
What Happens to the Dirty Water from a Car Wash

What Happens to the Dirty Water from a Car Wash?

Car wash operators may wonder what happens to the dirty water from a car wash. The truth is you could be watching profitability wash away if you are just letting dirty water go down the drain. SoBrite Technologies has helped car wash businesses like yours reduce water bills by up to 70% for the past 50 years. Our innovative water reclaim systems, reverse osmosis systems, and odor control systems reduce your operating costs, water usage, and waste. Consequently, SoBrite Technologies has become one of the most trusted brands of water reclaim systems in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa. Email SoBrite Technologies now to request a free estimate or more information on how you can make the dirty water at your car wash work for you.

How to Save Money Using Dirty Water from a Car Wash

SoBrite Technologies water reclaim systems can make what happens to the dirty water from a car wash help your business. Rather than let that water go down the drain, our equipment can use the water recycling process to purify it. That way, you can repurpose that dirty water for use again rather than pay sewage fees on it. Plus, you save money by avoiding the use of fresh water. Also, our equipment comes with odor control systems that make concerns about foul smells associated with water recycling a thing of the past. So, take advantage of the tremendous benefits provided by our water reclaim systems. When you do, you can potentially save up to 70% on water bills.

How to Improve Sustainability with Dirty Water from a Car Wash

Along with saving money, your car wash can also operate in an eco-friendlier way by reusing dirty water from a car wash. Our equipment pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane to flush out the minerals and impurities. That way, you receive recycled water that is purified of contaminants that leave spots on cars, corrode metal, and cause clogs in spray nozzles. Most importantly, you reduce your usage of fresh water and the flow of waste into the local water treatment facilities.

How to Spend Less on Maintenance by Reusing Water

What happens to the dirty water from a car wash? Without a water reclaim system, that dirty water costs your business a lot of money. For starters, you spend more than necessary on water and sewer utility bills each month. However, there is another hidden cost that you may not realize is there. The hard water from municipal water supplies over time can damage spray nozzles, corrode metal components, and clog lines in your car wash. As a result, you will need frequent visits for maintenance and repairs that will eat into your bottom line.

What Happens to the Dirty Water from a Car Wash

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So, what happens with dirty water from a car wash? With a water reclaim system from SoBrite Technologies, you can make that dirty water help your business become more profitable, sustainable, and efficient. Give us a call now at 309-467-2235 or use our online contact form to request more information. Say goodbye to costly water bills and hello to cleaner, more efficient car wash operations.