Water Reclaim Systems
Water Reclaim Systems

Save Water, Money and the Environment with SoBrite Water Reclaim Systems

Whether managing self-service car washes or trying to optimize an in-bay automatic car wash system, SoBrite Technologies has you covered. SoBrite has been the trusted leader in car wash water treatment since 1975. As utility prices and environmental protections have grown, car wash owners have had to adapt. In response, SoBrite has continued to perfect our technology to meet the ongoing demands of car wash operators throughout the Midwest, and across the U.S. Our water reclaim systems have proven to be some of the best, most effective available. If you are considering a new or updated water reclaim for your car wash, contact SoBrite today!

What is a Water Reclaim?

A water reclaim system helps car wash operators save water and money by taking wastewater created by a facility and filtering/recycling it for repeated use. Typically, without a reclaim system, water used for washing cars gets channeled down the drain and into municipal wastewater treatment systems. This adds up quickly when considering the high volume of water needed to wash multiple cars daily. SoBrite’s water reclaim systems efficiently filter out contaminants and chemicals from the dirty runoff water, making it suitable for reuse.

How Can Your Car Wash Benefit from Water Reclaims?

From reducing utility costs to meeting environmental protection guidelines, there’s plenty to love about SoBrite’s water reclaim systems. Some of the benefits of equipping your car wash facility with our water treatment technology include:

  • Reduced Water & Sewage Bills – Your car wash facility can significantly lower its monthly utility costs by recycling and reusing wastewater.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Water reclaim systems prevent the direct discharge of chemicals and contaminants into the environment, contributing to a healthier ecosystem.
  • Compliance with Regulations – Many localities enforce strict water usage regulations. Our water reclaim system can help your facility stay within these guidelines and avoid potential fines.
  • Resource Optimization – With a water reclaim system, you leverage every drop of water to its maximum potential, optimizing resource usage.
  • Increased Odor Control – SoBrite’s water reclaim systems utilize our patented odor control system, using UV technology to eliminate smelly rinse water.
  • Reduced Equipment Wear and Tear – By reusing filtered water, less water is pumped through your equipment, meaning less wear, lower maintenance costs and an extended lifespan.
  • Consistent Wash Quality – SoBrite’s water reclaim systems are designed to maintain the same level of wash quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

See Our Available Systems:

Unlock the Power of SoBrite’s Water Reclaim Systems

If water conservation and budget management are leading concerns for your car wash business, investing in a water reclaim system is your best decision! Check out what reclaim systems are available and work best for your car wash facility by contacting SoBrite at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530. We serve clients in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.