Reverse Osmosis System Missouri
Top car wash reverse osmosis system Missouri

Top Spot Free Car Wash Reverse Osmosis System in Missouri

Give customers the spot free car wash they expect with an innovative SoBrite Technologies reverse osmosis system in Missouri. Water with a higher level of total dissolved solids (TDS) will create spots on the surface of cars after the rinse cycle. The reverse osmosis (RO) process reduces the amount of TDS in water by nearly 95%. Therefore, operators can better satisfy customers with the spot free washes they expect with a reverse osmosis system. The reverse osmosis system will rid water of calcium and mineral deposits that create high TDS levels that result in the chalky spots on vehicles. Email us today to request a free quote on our reverse osmosis system in Missouri.

Use Less Soap with a Reverse Osmosis System

Operators also can realize significant savings on cleaning chemicals when they install a reverse osmosis system in Missouri. RO systems soften water. As a result, the water uses less detergents during the presoak and wash cycles. Meanwhile, hard water contains ions that negatively affect the chemicals in detergents. Therefore, your car wash will use more cleaning agents per wash unless the minerals in the water get filtered out. Also, the use of more detergents will cause your car wash to use more water to clean the added soap off, too. Therefore, your operating costs for both cleaning chemicals and water can drop significantly with the installation of a reverse osmosis system.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to this type of equipment, you may have questions about a reverse osmosis system in Missouri. Here are answers for some of the most common questions:

  • What Is Reverse Osmosis?
  • Reverse osmosis uses membrane filtration technology that uses high pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane with tiny pores. The mineral deposits and other contaminants in the water get filtered out during this process. As a result, the RO process yields much cleaner, purified water.
  • What Sets SoBrite Technologies Apart?
  • Our products provide clean recycled water that is free of odors typically associated with reused water. In addition, our company provides all clients with superior customer service before and after the sale. Finally, our products also feature low annual maintenance costs.
  • How Long Do Reverse Osmosis Membranes Last?
  • If you are using the recommended water softeners, your reverse osmosis membrane should last between 3 to 5 years.

Available Car Wash Support Products

The best thing about SoBrite Technologies products is that they work well for all operators. You can install our products in new car washes, a retrofit for an existing car wash, or replacement of an old water reclaim system. Please use the following links for more information on our products that include downloadable product specification sheets:

Reverse Osmosis System Missouri

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