Water Reclaim System Fort Wayne IN
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Find the Right Car Wash Water Reclaim System in Fort Wayne IN

SoBrite Technologies specializes in providing equipment offering the best benefits available from a car wash water reclaim system in Fort Wayne IN. Our latest water reclaim systems offer the following:

  • Easy installation for new, replacement, or retrofitting projects
  • Cost savings from equipment that recycles water
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Equipment that is efficient in removing contaminants such as grease, oil, road film, dust, animal waste, and winter snow-melting agents introduced into wastewater by vehicles

Unlike other water reclaim systems, our equipment comes with industry-leading Aqua Prep odor technology that gets rid of unpleasant odors from recycled water. If you are looking for ways to cut costs and to make your car wash more efficient, let us help. Give us a call today at 309-467-2335 or email us to request more information or a free quote.

Spend Less on Water

Your business pays steadily increasing amounts for every drop of water your car wash uses each day. Therefore, it is important to get the highest return possible or you will see a lot of potential revenue getting flushed into the sewers. After all, water is your most significant expense. You can reduce the amount of fresh water you use by recycling wastewater with innovative products from SoBrite Technologies. Let us help you reduce water expenses with our car wash water reclaim system in Fort Wayne IN.

Cut Costs on Cleaning Chemicals

Your car wash can also realize significant savings on cleaning chemicals with our water reclaim system in Fort Wayne IN. The filtration technology used in our equipment gets rid of mineral contaminants in your water supply. Those minerals are responsible for leaving spots on vehicles after rinse cycles. In addition, they make your car wash use more soap and wax per wash due to less absorption in hard water. Therefore, your business can use cleaning agents more efficiently with a water reclaim system that filters out contaminants that cost you significantly per wash.

Available Options from SoBrite Technologies

While many water reclaim system makers use older designs and engineering, SoBrite Technologies strives for continuous improvement. Since 1975, we have served as industry leaders in water filtration and treatment solutions. Currently, we specialize in working with car washes to replace inefficient systems, install new reclaim technology, or make updates to existing equipment. Our products include:

Water Reclaim System Fort Wayne IN

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SoBrite Technologies provides trusted solutions for water treatment needs. Count on us to help your car wash become more efficient and cut costs. Email us today to request a free quote on our car wash water reclaim system in Fort Wayne IN. For more information about us, call our team now at 309-467-2335.