Water Reclaim System Wisconsin
A car wash operating with a water reclaim system in Wisconsin

Achieve Greater Savings & Sustainability with a Water Reclaim System in Wisconsin

Business owners must closely monitor utility bills when managing a car wash facility. Without the right equipment and systems, your car wash operation will have difficulty overcoming the costs associated with water and sewage usage. Conversely, an investment in a water reclaim system in Wisconsin can help your business avoid the challenges posed by inflated utility costs. Contact SoBrite Technologies today to learn about our most advanced water treatment systems.

The Need for Water Reclaims

Today, few car washes operate without a water reclaim system. Car wash operators can significantly reduce utility payments by reusing water rather than relying on a city’s water supply. In addition to cost savings, water claims are essential systems due to their ability to:

  • Use Less Water
    • As already mentioned, an overreliance on the city’s water supply can lead to enormous utility costs! However, extreme water usage overall is terrible for the environment. And for areas where water is in shorter supply, water conservation is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, SoBrite’s reclaim technology can help car wash operators cut fresh water consumption by more than 70%.
  • Minimize Water Waste
    • Extreme water usage isn’t the only environmentally negative aspect of car washes without water reclaims. Much of the water waste created by a car wash contains chemicals, detergents, waxes and other toxins harmful to the environment. As such, our reclaim systems use reverse osmosis and hydro-cyclonic separation to filter the worst toxins out of water, allowing it to be reused for another wash.
  • Excellent Cleaning Capability
    • In truth, a water reclaim system can clean your water better than your city’s water standard. By relying on unfiltered city water alone, you might not be providing the best possible clean for your customers. Conversely, SoBrite’s water filtration systems use UV technology and reverse osmosis to eliminate foul odors from water and ensure a spot-free rinse after every wash.

Invest in SoBrite’s Systems

Since 1975, SoBrite Technologies has developed top-of-the-line water reclaim systems for Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. We produce technology that not only helps you save and recycle water but improves the cleanliness of water overall. You can install our new systems from the ground up or retrofit your existing systems with SoBrite’s water filtration tech. Our product selection includes:

SoBrite's Water Reclaim System for Wisconsin Car Washes

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