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A SoBrite Water Reclaim System

Maximize Cleanliness & Cost Savings with a Water Reclaim System in Peoria IL

You wouldn’t wash your clothes in water used in the previous load. For car washes, the sentiment is the same. However, unlike a washer in our home, the average car wash facility uses 65-80 gallons of fresh water per car, with dozens of vehicles washed daily. Needless to say, water usage for a car wash can quickly add up! Thankfully, water treatment systems are available for recycling and using water previously used. If interested in a water reclaim system in Peoria IL, SoBrite Technologies can help.

What Do Water Reclaim Systems Do?

A few years ago, most car washes had to contend with significant water and water waste management costs. However, much of a car wash’s reliance on city utilities and sewage has changed in recent history with the introduction of the water reclaim system. A water reclaim system allows car wash facilities to recycle and reuse water previously utilized for washing and rinsing. Such systems have proven incredibly beneficial to car wash operators due to:

  • Cost-Savings – Water reclaim systems allow car wash facilities to vastly reduce reliance on a city’s water and sewage systems. A water reclaim can cut fresh water consumption by 70% or more. Additionally, wastewater isn’t disposed of via your sewage system but instead recycled and filtered. Thus, reducing water consumption and waste makes your business’s utility costs significantly less.
  • Environmental Concerns – As mentioned, car washes without water reclaims go through large volumes of fresh water daily. As a result, thousands of gallons of fresh water are diverted from our rivers, bays and other natural water sources. And if your facility is an area undergoing drought conditions, your water consumption could be limited! Thankfully, reclaim systems only use fresh water to replace water that evaporates or is carried off by vehicles.
  • Cleaning Value – With the right water reclaim systems in Peoria IL, you can maximize the cleaning potential of your car wash facility. SoBrite’s various systems offer features such as odor control and spot-free cleaning, two common issues that plague most car wash operators. Through our reverse osmosis and UV cleaning systems, bacteria are eliminated from water, and most debris and toxins are completely removed.

Our Available Systems

To meet the cleaning needs of car wash operators, we’ve developed multiple water reclaim systems for Peoria IL and throughout the country. Since 1975, SoBrite has been a leader in water treatment solutions, supplying car wash facilities with affordable and effective technology for creating closed-loop water systems. As such, some of the products we offer include:

A car going through a car wash using a Water Reclaim System in Peoria IL

Talk with Our Team

Your car wash facility isn’t complete without a water reclaim system in Peoria IL. If looking to invest in a new reclaim system or retrofit your old system with the latest treatment technology, call SoBrite Technologies today. You can contact us at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.