Water Reclaim System Illinois
Water Reclaim System Illinois

Modernize Car Washing with the Latest Water Reclaim System in Illinois

Over the years, car wash owners have struggled to meet the legal and environmental demands imposed on them regarding water usage and waste. Until recently, car washes had to adapt or pay high costs for proper water management. Now, water reclaim systems have become the solution to a car wash’s water management woes. And when searching for a water reclaim system in Illinois, SoBrite Water Treatment Solutions has developed some of the cleanest, most efficient technology available.

The Importance of Water Reclaims

Water consumption and waste are a concern for cities across the United States. As such, SoBrite developed technology solutions that allow car wash operators to recycle and reuse the majority of wastewater created. SoBrite’s water reclaim technology has proven effective in creating closed-loop systems for car washes throughout the country.

  • Less Freshwater Consumption
    • If not using recycled water, your car wash must rely on freshwater direct from your facility’s utility connection. However, this can prove problematic for car wash operators as water usage utility costs continue to increase. With the introduction of a water reclaim system, your facility’s freshwater consumption can be drastically reduced. SoBrite’s reclaim systems can cut fresh water consumption by 70% or more.
  • Reduced Waste
    • Not only must car wash facilities worry about water usage, but how to properly dispose of the wastewater created after every wash. Chemicals, detergents, waxes and other toxins can make their way into water after use. And if your facility relies on your city’s sewage system for wastewater disposal, your sewage bill will be just as high as your water usage bill. Thankfully, most toxins can be filtered out of water through reverse osmosis, and hydro-cyclonic separation in SoBrite’s water reclaim systems.
  • Best Possible Clean
    • Even water from your city’s municipality might not offer the “cleanest” clean before being run through a water reclaim system in Illinois. And if your water is dirty, its cleaning ability is significantly reduced. Lingering odors created by anaerobic bacteria can stick to customers’ vehicles after washing. Additionally, water that isn’t fully clean can prove problematic for rinsing, leaving spots on a car’s exterior. Thankfully, with UV technology and reverse osmosis, Sobrite’s systems eliminate foul odors and water spots.

SoBrite’s Systems

At SoBrite Technologies, we’ve designed and produced numerous water treatment solutions for car washes looking to create closed-loop water systems. Our systems can replace existing systems or be retrofitted onto your current water reclaim systems for further cleaning effectiveness. Since 1975, SoBrite has catered to businesses throughout the Midwest and continues offering excellent water-cleaning products to facilities across the country. Our main products include:

Water Reclaim System in Illinois helping reclaim car wash waste water

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