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Sobrite Water Reclaim System

Ensure Your Car Wash is Profitable with a Water Reclaim System in Rock Island IL

No matter your business, you’re always looking for ways to increase profits and cut costs. For car wash operators, much of the operating expenses come from utility costs for water and sewage. And with rising costs for both, running a profitable car wash is more challenging than ever! Thankfully, there are methods for car washes to save money while improving business operations. With a water reclaim system in Rock Island IL, car wash facilities can cut utility costs and bring their business into the modern age. Talk with SoBrite Technologies today to discuss this excellent water treatment solution.

The Sobrite Advantage

Water reclaim systems have become an essential component for most new car washes. The ability for a facility to forgo fresh water from a city’s water and instead reuse wash and wastewater has incredible cost-saving and environmental benefits. SoBrite strives to create a more effective reclaim system, utilizing features such as reverse osmosis, UV treatment and hydro-cyclonic separation to thoroughly filter and purify car wash facility’s water supplies. Some of the advantages of using SoBrite’s technology include:

  • Proven odor control (SoBrite’s AquaPrep)
  • UL listed control panel
  • Save fresh water consumption of 70% or more
  • Various-sized pumps and tanks for facilities large and small

Why You Need a Water Reclaim System

Money savings, environmental benefits, and greater water quality await your facility with the addition of a water reclaim system. Sobite strives to offer the best technology, ensuring excellent customer support and streamlined designs meant to last for decades. If interested in a water reclaim system in Rock Island IL, you can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Green Technology
    • Water conservation is a primary focus of environmental regulation across the country. As such, car washes are some of the most affected businesses by environmental protection laws. However, with a water reclaim system, a car wash can significantly reduce its dependency on freshwater, appeasing environmentalists and state/federal regulations.
  • Cost Savings
    • Reducing your facility’s water usage not only helps the environment but also affects your bottom line! Car washes without reclaim systems commonly report utility and sewage expenses as a large portion of operating costs. Conversely, facilities with water reclaims require much less fresh water and don’t need as extensive sewage and water management.
  • Spot-Free Cleaning
    • Without reverse osmosis water treatment as a part of your water reclaim system, you risk rinses that leave vehicles looking “spotty.” Reverse osmosis is more effective than other water treatment methods, eliminating most chemicals and debris left in recycled water.
  • Eliminate Foul Odors
    • Unfortunately, water reclaim systems can still have issues. For example, anaerobic bacteria can develop in your water reclaim, causing foul odors and decreasing overall water quality. Thankfully, SoBrite’s AquaPrep utilizes UV technology to kill bacteria and eliminate foul odors.
Car wash washing a vehicle using water from a Water Reclaim System in Rock Island IL

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If you find yourself without a water reclaim system in Rock Island IL or wish to update or retrofit your old system with new technology, reach out to the water treatment experts at SoBrite Technologies. Learn more about our products by calling 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.