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A SoBrite Water Reclaim System

Invest in a Water Reclaim System in Chicago IL for Your Car Wash Business

As a car wash owner, you always look for more ways to increase revenue or cut costs. Why not invest in equipment that can manage both? A proper water reclaim system can reduce your facility’s dependence on a city’s water management systems. Additionally, water reclaim systems allow for a green-incentivized car wash, alleviating water consumption concerns in drought areas. If interested in a water reclaim system in Chicago IL or anywhere throughout the U.S., call SoBrite Technologies today!

Why Consider Water Reclaims?

As already mentioned, a water reclaim system can significantly impact your car wash’s revenue and operating costs. However, profits are only one reason many car wash operators are creating closed-loop water systems. In addition to environmental protections and greater cleaning quality, here’s why you should consider a water reclaim system in Chicago IL.

  • Green Technology
    • Depending on where your car wash is located, water consumption and waste can be significant environmental concerns. Over the years, many car washes have been forced to reduce operating hours to ensure they don’t impact water levels for a community. As for the wastewater created by car washes, it can be challenging for city sewer systems to manage. Thus, with the introduction of a water reclaim system, you can cut your reliance on local utilities and run a leaner, greener car wash operation.
  • Cut Costs
    • Saving water and reducing waste not only affects the environment, but it impacts your business’s bottom line! With water prices rising, freshwater consumption for a car wash facility can quickly add up. Waste management costs are nothing to take lightly, either. Thankfully, a water reclaim system can recycle most used water, helping you reduce fresh water consumption by 70% or more! And recycling and reusing wastewater means you don’t need to worry about disposal.
  • Better Cleaning Quality
    • Depending on a city’s water quality, freshwater might not be clean enough to effectively wash vehicles, leaving behind spots. Furthermore, if you’re not careful with existing water reclaim systems, reused water can develop unpleasant odors thanks to anaerobic bacteria. As such, SoBrite offers multiple system types for eliminating water spots and foul odors. Our reverse osmosis and UV systems vastly improve water quality, ensuring your facility can always offer the cleanest wash.

How Can We Help?

Since 1975, SoBrite Technologies has been a leader in water treatment solutions. We began by developing de-ionization reclaim systems and transitioned to RO systems when reverse osmosis was proven to be a more effective water filtration method. Our equipment is used in car washes across the country, with systems available to replace old water reclaims or retrofit your current system. Our selection of water treatment products includes:

Car being washed with fresh and filtered water, thanks to Water Reclaim System in Chicago IL

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Are you ready to modernize your car wash facility with highly-productive, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly water systems? Invest in a water reclaim system in Chicago IL, designed and manufactured by SoBrite Technologies. To learn more about our products, contact us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.