Water Reclaim System Rockford IL
A SoBrite Water Reclaim system

Initiate Incredible Savings with a Water Reclaim System in Rockford IL

If you own and operate a car wash, you understand how expensive utilities for your facility can be. Water and sewage costs alone can account for most of your monthly operational costs and significantly cut your profit. However, if you’re still relying on your city’s municipalities for your water and sewage disposal, you’re missing out on ways to save cash! The introduction of a water reclaim system in Rockford IL can change the way your car wash operates for the better. Thanks to SoBrite Technologies, you can maximize your facility’s cleaning and cost-saving capabilities.

Understanding Water Reclaim Systems

Most modern car wash facilities utilize water reclaim systems. On average, a car wash uses 65-80 gallons of fresh water per car. Assuming a facility receives a few dozen customers a day, water usage can begin to add up. As such, car wash facilities’ reliance on fresh water from a city’s water system was not easily sustainable. Thus, the water reclaim system was developed! At SoBrite, our systems use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment to filter and purify water collectively.

The Benefits of Water Reclaim

You’re missing some incredible cost-saving benefits without a water reclaim system in Rockford IL! Not to mention, SoBrite’s systems further improve your facility’s cleanliness and help protect the environment. The best benefits of a water reclaim system include:

  • Cost Saving
    • Water and sewage fees are rising throughout the country. As such, reliance on freshwater can contribute to high utility costs for car wash facilities. By installing a reclaim system, your facility only utilizes a city’s water to replace water runoff, limiting the need for utilities and wastewater removal.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Extraneous water usage can strain our city’s water systems and divert fresh water from natural water sources, potentially disrupting local wildlife. Thankfully, by keeping extra water usage down via water reclaim systems, the environmental footprint of car washes is significantly reduced.
  • Spot-Free Cleaning
    • SoBrite’s reclaim systems ensure the best water quality to maximize your facility’s cleaning potential. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are the most effective method for filtering out all toxins, chemicals and debris from used water. Thus, when using water from a SoBrite system, cars are left with a bright, beautiful, spot-free finish.
  • Eliminate Odors
    • One problem with car wash reclaim systems is the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which lends to foul odors in your water. Not only do these bacteria affect water quality, but the odor can linger on freshly washed cars, causing displeasure for drivers. We eliminate bacteria (and their odors) through our UV systems without relying on extra chemicals and filters.
Water Reclaim System in Rockford IL providing fresh water for a car wash

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