Car Wash Water Reclaim Peoria IL
Car wash providing spotless clean to a vehicle thanks to SoBrite's Car Wash Water Reclaim in Peoria IL

Improve Your Business’s Cleaning with a Car Wash Water Reclaim in Peoria IL

Vehicles that leave your car wash facility should leave spotless! However, if your business doesn’t utilize the right tech and systems, you might have a lot of unsatisfied customers. Not to mention, your facility will wrack up utility costs and create significant waste without a way to filter and reuse water. Thankfully, there’s a solution to all these problems: a car wash water reclaim in Peoria IL. If interested in an advanced system produced by local experts, give SoBrite Technologies a call today!

The Advantages of a Water Reclaim System

Due to rising costs for water and sewer utilities coupled with new environmental protections for businesses, water reclaim systems are more crucial than ever. Equipping your car wash with water reclaim helps reduce potential waste, protect the environment, and save on operating/utility costs.

  • Waste Reduction
    • While a car wash must efficiently clean any vehicle, the water left behind after washes is unusable for other purposes. Only after wastewater is filtered through a city’s water purification centers can it be used again. Conversely, equipping your car wash with the right filters ensures water can be recycled for continual washes. SoBrite’s water reclaim systems can provide said filtration.
  • Eco-Friendly
    • As wastewater is created, it becomes toxic. While such water isn’t utilized to water plants or feed animals, it can easily escape into the environment, thus causing harm to local water tables and the immediate area. However, a car wash water reclaim in Peoria IL can neutralize most wastewater, thus reducing the risk of damaging the environment.
  • Lower Utility Costs
    • Before water claim systems existed, a car wash’s water supply had to continually run fresh water through its washes via a connection to a main water line. Additionally, waste had to be filtered through a city’s sewer system. Now, with the addition of water reclaim systems, car washes don’t have to rely heavily on utilities such as water or sewage. Thus, a business’s facility costs are significantly reduced.

What We Offer

SoBrite Technologies has developed numerous water treatment solutions over the years. Area businesses have come to rely on our highly effective water filters and reclaim systems since 1975. Unlike the equipment from other manufacturers, SoBrite’s systems ensure clean and odorless water. Additionally, our systems require minimal maintenance, thus keeping upkeep costs low, and technicians are always available for customer support. Our products include:

SoBrite's Car Wash Water Reclaim in Peoria IL

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With the best car wash water reclaim available in Peoria IL, you can ensure your car wash facility maximizes its cleaning potential, cost-savings and environmental friendliness! To learn more about this water treatment tech, give the professionals at SoBrite Technologies a call. You can contact us at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.