What Is the Benefit of Using Reclaimed Water?
What Is the Benefit of Using Reclaimed Water?

What Is the Benefit of Using Reclaimed Water?

Your car wash business can benefit in several ways by using reclaimed water. SoBrite Technologies uses 50 years of experience as a water treatment system manufacturer to create innovative solutions that benefit car washes. Our revolutionary car wash water reclaim systems, odor control systems, and reverse osmosis systems reduce your operating costs, water usage, and waste. As a result, we have become one of the most trusted brands for water reclaim systems in Illinois, IndianaIowa, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Contact SoBrite Technologies today to learn more about how our equipment can benefit your car wash by using reclaimed water.

Save Money by Using Reclaimed Water

We understand that every car wash business is looking at ways to operate more efficiently by reducing operating expenses. With that in mind, your car wash achieve those goals with a water reclaim system from SoBrite Technologies. Our equipment reduces your car wash’s use of fresh water from municipal water supplies. Plus, reusing wash water instead of watching it go down the drain will also reduce your sewage costs. Consequently, your business will realize significant savings when it comes to monthly water and sewage bills. Reducing operating costs is one of the most significant ways you benefit by using reclaimed water.

Using Reclaimed Water Improves Sustainability

With a water reclaim system from SoBrite Technologies, your car wash also operates with an eco-friendlier approach. As mentioned previously, water reclaim systems reduce usage of water and waste. However, that isn’t the only way using reclaimed water improves sustainability.

The hard water in municipal water supplies also reduces the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals like soap and wax at your car wash. As a result, your business will use more of those supplies per wash without the water filtration provided by our equipment. If that happens, your costs will rise because you will need to buy more of those chemicals than you should. Using more chemicals also negatively impacts the environment and natural ecosystems. So, you can do your part for natural water supplies and ecosystems by using reclaimed water.

Extend the Life of Equipment by Using Reclaimed Water

Components in your car wash such as spray nozzles, seals, and metal parts wear down and break faster with hard water from freshwater supplies. The high magnesium and calcium concentrations in hard water causes soap scum that corrodes metal, damages seals, and negatively impacts how your car wash functions. However, you can avoid those kinds of problems with a water reclaim system from SoBrite Technologies. Our equipment pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the impurities that damage your equipment. So, you will spend less on maintenance, repairs, and replacement costs by extending the life of your car wash components. That is yet another important way your business will benefit by using reclaimed water.

What Water Reclaim Systems Are Available?

SoBrite Technologies offers several options when it comes to water reclaim systems. Here is an overview of the solutions we can offer your car wash:

What Is the Benefit of Using Reclaimed Water?

Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Using Reclaimed Water

SoBrite Technologies consultants can provide you with more information about how your business will benefit by using reclaimed water. Contact us online or give us a call at 309-467-2235 to receive a free estimate or more information. For nearly 50 years, our equipment has helped car washes like yours reduce water bills by up to 70%. Count on SoBrite Technologies for premium products and exceptional customer service.