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A car wash providing a spot-free clean thanks to SoBrite's Car Wash Reclaim System in Peoria IL

Modernize Your Facility with a Car Wash Reclaim System in Peoria IL

Unfortunately, car washes of previous years were a source of significant water waste. The volume of water a car wash facility would go through on any given day could pressure local water supplies, especially for cities in more arid climates. However, today’s car wash tech has advanced to improve water-saving techniques of car washes throughout the United States. Thanks to SoBrite Technologies, you can modernize your facility with a new car wash reclaim system in Peoria IL.

Why Water Conservation is Important

As a whole, water conservation throughout the world is something everyone should strive for. As such, car washes, the biggest offenders of water waste, had to be addressed. Now, with water reclaim technology, car wash facilities are doing their part to reduce waste, protect the environment, and be more cost-effective.

  • Reduce Water Waste – There’s a surprising amount of waste associated with car washes. The water used to clean vehicles contains many chemicals and contaminants after a wash, which puts pressure on a city’s sewer and water system for proper cleaning and disposal. Conversely, a car wash reclaim system in Peoria IL filters water after a wash and redistributes cleaned water back into a facility’s plumbing.
  • Protect the Environment – The water after a wash can be toxic to plants, animals, and the environment overall. Additionally, this water is unsafe for human consumption until it goes back through a city’s water filtration/purification. However, rather than risk contaminating more water and harming the environment, your car wash can filter its own water through a reclaim system.
  • Save Money – Did you know SoBrite’s water reclaim systems can reduce fresh water consumption by 70% or more? It’s true! This water-saving capability not only helps the environment but also benefits your facility’s bottom line. With sewer and water costs steadily rising in the U.S. for the past decade, finding a way to save on water is crucial for any car wash operator. Thankfully, SoBrite’s systems are the answer!

The Best Tech

SoBrite Technologies has continually innovated on water treatment solutions since 1975. We strive to create car wash systems that seamlessly integrate into your facility’s plumbing while producing the best results. While other reclaim systems are available, SoBrite sets itself apart by manufacturing and selling systems with the best odor control and low annual maintenance costs. Additionally, you can always count on SoBrite’s team for consistent customer support before and after a sale. Our products include:

SoBrite's Car Wash Reclaim System in Peoria IL

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