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A Spotless Clean with a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash for Peoria IL

As a car wash operator, finding the best water filtration systems for your facility is always top of mind. While dozens of filtration and reclaim systems are available, there’s one consistent problem with many of them: filtered water still leaves spotty residue! If this is a similar issue with your car wash’s water filtration system, it’s time to upgrade to a reverse osmosis car wash in Peoria IL. Guarantee a spot-free wash with reclaim systems from SoBrite Technologies.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the chemical process water undergoes in SoBrite’s water filtration and reclaim systems. Through RO, pressure is applied to hard water to force it through a semi-permeable membrane. This process helps remove unwanted particles, ensuring your water is more finely filtered and without impurities before being used or reused for washing. SoBrite Technologies produces some of the few systems that can fully utilize reverse osmosis for daily filtration and water purification.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Spotty car washes aren’t the only issue resolved by a reverse osmosis car wash in Peoria IL! RO reclaim systems ensure your car wash facility can more efficiently clean vehicles, require less maintenance, and increase your overall profits!

  • Spot-Free Rinse – The contaminants and minerals in water (filtered or not) leave behind a chalky/spotty residue on vehicles after rinsing. However, reverse osmosis removes all impurities in your hard water, allowing for a spot-free rinse!
  • More Efficient Cleaning – The same contaminants that leave spots also affect the effectiveness of soaps and waxes. Removing minerals and calcium deposits through RO can reduce the amount of soap or wax you use with each wash and ensure a “cleaner” clean.
  • Minimize Maintenance – Unfortunately, minerals and calcium in your water can begin to build up in your system, getting caught in/clogging spray nozzles, hoses, and additional car wash equipment. By removing contaminants through RO, car wash equipment is kept in better condition for significantly longer.
  • Cost-Savings – So far, the issues that reverse osmosis can fix for your car wash can all impact your profits. For example, rinse-free washes are appealing to customers and can attract more business. Otherwise, by filtering hard water through RO, you waste less soap and wax (saving on operating costs), and prevent equipment from breaking down (saving on maintenance and repair).

SoBrite’s Systems

Whether opening a new car wash, replacing an old water reclaim, or wishing to retrofit your existing system, SoBrite has you covered! We offer various products, systems, and filtration solutions for car wash operators in the Midwest and throughout the U.S. Our products include:

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