What Is a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash
What Is a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash

Looking to Find What Is a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash?

A reverse osmosis car wash uses an advanced filtration system to produce purified water to clean and rinse cars. The reverse osmosis (RO) system incorporates a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants, dissolved solids, and impurities from the water. The system pushes the water through the membrane, trapping all contaminants and flushing them away. As a result, a supply of purified water gets recycled back to the car wash for use during future wash and rinse cycles.

SoBrite Technologies has provided innovative solutions aimed at helping car washes operate more efficiently for over 50 years. In fact, we have helped car washes save up to 70% on their water bills. We are a leading seller of reverse osmosis systems in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri. So, email us at info@sobrite.com or message us through our contact form to learn more about saving money with our reverse osmosis systems.

What Are the Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash?

Now that you know what a reverse osmosis car wash is, it is important to understand the benefits it can provide. Here are some of the most significant advantages of converting your business into a reverse osmosis car wash:

  • Cost Savings
    • The RO system provides a spot-free rinse with water free of minerals and contaminants.
    • As a result, customer satisfaction is enhanced.
    • Plus, it reduces the need for manual drying, saving labor costs and time spent on each car going through a wash cycle.
  • Spot-Free Rinses
    • The RO system eliminates dissolved solids like calcium, salt, magnesium, and other contaminants from the rinse water.
    • Consequently, vehicles can air dry without the water leaving spots or chalky residue.
    • In addition, this eliminates the need for personnel to hand dry vehicles.
  • Minimal Maintenance
    • The RO system does not require extensive maintenance.
    • As a result, you can get a supply of purified water with only minimal maintenance.
    • Most importantly, the RO system should continue to perform well with only routine maintenance such as filter replacement and water quality checks periodically.

Does Water from a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash Smell Bad?

There are many misconceptions about a reverse osmosis car wash. Unfortunately, one of the biggest fallacies surrounding car wash RO systems is that they produce foul smelling water. The reverse osmosis systems from SoBrite Technologies include odor control systems that eliminate issues with foul smells. Here is how the odor control technology works:

  • They utilize ultra-violet light to eliminate microorganisms that create foul odors within the water.
  • Also, ozone water treatment used by the odor control systems oxidizes organic matter like viruses, parasites, and bacteria. This removes those harmful agents and other contaminants like metals from the supply of fresh water going back for use during wash and rinse cycles.
What Is a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash

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