Reverse Osmosis System Michigan
Reverse Osmosis System Michigan

Cut Costs with a Car Wash Reverse Osmosis System in Michigan

Your business saves big money on operating expenses when you invest in a SoBrite Technologies car wash reverse osmosis system in Michigan. Since 1975, our company has produced some of the most innovative and effective products in the water filtration industry. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing solutions for some of the biggest problems faced by car wash operators. Our equipment solves problems with low quality water supplies, water hardness levels, iron and sulfur content, and total dissolved solids (TDS). So, our equipment allows your business to reuse water, increase the effectiveness of soap and wax, and reduce exposure to mineral deposits that break down system components. As a result, your business reduces expenses on water, soap, and wax while also spending less on system maintenance and repairs. Email SoBrite Technologies now to find out more about our car wash reverse osmosis system in Michigan.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

Our reverse osmosis system in Michigan uses a chemical process that uses pressure to force hard water through a semi-permeable membrane. When that happens, the calcium, mineral deposits, and other total dissolved solids get filtered out on the membrane. This filters undesirable components that cause spotting on cars during rinse cycles, break down system components, and reduce the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals out of water. As a result, your car wash gets a supply of reclaimed water without contaminants that reduce customer satisfaction, drive up your supply costs, and force you to use more water per wash.

What Are the Benefits of the Reverse Osmosis System?

Our innovative products solve many problems encountered by your business. Your car wash can receive many attractive benefits from our reverse osmosis system in Michigan. In addition to cutting operating expenses, our equipment brings your car wash the following benefits:

  • Spot-Free Car Washes – Total dissolved solids and mineral deposits in water cause a chalky or spotty marks on vehicles after car wash rinsing. However, our reverse osmosis system removes the impurities in your hard water, providing your customers with spot-free rinses!
  • Less Waste – Our reverse osmosis and water reclaim equipment allows your car wash to use less water from municipal water supplies. Also, our technology rids your water of contaminants that reduce the effectiveness of soap and wax, allowing your business to use less chemicals per wash.
  • Better Performance – Contaminants in hard water clog and break car wash system components such as hoses, spray nozzles, and more. As a result, the performance of your car wash suffers with system breakdowns that require maintenance and repairs. Our reverse osmosis system gets rid of contaminants that affect the performance of your car wash.

The Best Car Wash Technology and Solutions

SoBrite Technologies offers a solution for your business whether you are opening a new car wash, replacing an outdated water reclaim system, or retrofitting a less efficient system! We specialize in water filtration systems and solutions for car wash owners in Michigan, across the Midwest, and around the US. Our products include:

Reverse Osmosis System Michigan

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Cut your costs, increase your revenue, and keep your car wash components in better condition with a SoBrite Technologies reverse osmosis system in Michigan. Our reverse osmosis, odor eliminating, and water reclaim technology can bring these attractive benefits to your business. Fill out our online contact form or call 309-467-2335 to receive more information about our car wash solutions.