Water Recycling System Michigan
Water Recycling System Michigan

Save Big Money with a Car Wash Water Recycling System in Michigan

Car wash operators looking to reduce operating expenses can experience big cost savings with a SoBrite Tehcnologies water recycling system in Michigan. Our company has served as one of the most innovative makers of odor control, water filtration, and water recycling systems for decades. We have been one of the most trusted names in water filtration since 1975. Our products tackles some of the biggest problems encountered by car wash operators today. Consequently, we create solutions that reduce your usage of water from municipal water sources, chemical waste, and equipment breakdowns. Fill out our online contact form now to receive more information how your business can save with our water recycling system in Michigan!

What Are the Benefits of a Water Recycling System?

The average car wash can use anywhere from 3,500 gallons to 7,000 gallons per day without benefits provided by a water recycling system in Michigan. SoBrite Technologies products allow your business to drastically cut water usage from municipal supply, saving a considerable amount on water costs. We focus on engineering and manufacturing solutions that allow your car wash to reuse water that is filtered and odor free. Here are the best benefits of our water recycling units:

  • Improved Water Conservation – Car wash operators using a SoBrite Technologies water recycling system have reduced freshwater consumption at car wash facilities by more than 70%.
  • Less Waste – Your car wash also can incur considerable expenses when it comes to disposal of wastewater without an effective water recycling system in Michigan. Our equipment allows your business to reuse more water, greatly reducing your bills for the disposal of wastewater.
  • Fresh Smelling Water – Owner operators in the past had concerns about reusing water because of the odors that came with recycled water. However, our company also makes our revolutionary AquaPrep odor control equipment that rids foul smells from recycled water. As a result, your supply of recycled water smells fresh and clean.
  • Spot-Free Rinses – Unfiltered water contains mineral deposits and other contaminants that leave chalky or spotty residues on vehicles after car wash rinses. So, our water recycling system uses reverse osmosis that applies pressure to force hard water through a semi-permeable membrane, filtering out those contaminants. As a result, your car wash can better satisfy customers with spot-free rinses.

Get the Best Car Wash Water Recycling Products

SoBrite Technologies provides the right equipment for you whether you are starting a new car wash business, renovating one with an old water reclaim system, or retrofitting a system with less efficient equipment! So, we specialize in water reuse technology for car wash operators throughout Michigan, all along the Midwest, and across the country. Our products include:

Water Recycling System Michigan

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Your car wash can greatly reduce operating expenses, water usage, and water waste with a SoBrite Technologies water recycling system in Michigan. So, our water reclaim, spot-free rinse, and odor eliminating equipment provide ideal solutions for the biggest problems facing your business. Email us now or call 309-467-2335 to receive more information about our car wash products.