Water Reclaim System Springfield IL
SoBrite water reclaim system

Make the Most of a Water Reclaim System in Springfield IL

Are you having trouble keeping up with the water and sewage fees required to run your car wash? You’re not alone! Car wash facilities across the country are continually looking for ways to cut costs, reduce water usage, and best cater to their customers. Thankfully, there’s one such water treatment solution that can be the answer to your water management concerns: a water reclaim system! And if interested in a water reclaim system in Springfield IL, count on the professionals at SoBrite Technologies for support.

What SoBrite Has to Offer

SoBrite strives to set itself apart by supplying car wash operators with the most affordable and effective water reclaim systems. We can efficiently clean and purify your water within one closed-loop system by utilizing reverse osmosis (RO), UV treatment, and hydro-cyclonic separation methods. Additionally, SoBrite’s water treatment products offer:

  • Proven odor control (SoBrite’s Aqua Prep)
  • UL listed control panel
  • Save fresh water consumption of 70% or more
  • Various-sized pumps and tanks for facilities large and small

The Advantages of Water Reclaim Systems

As was already implied, a water reclaim system can significantly contribute to the cost-savings of a car wash facility. However, lower utility fees aren’t the only advantage of a water reclaim system!

  • Save Money
    • Significant volumes of water are used in the vehicle cleaning process. As such, water consumption and wastewater production can be outstanding, with thousands of gallons used per day. However, rather than relying on a city’s water system for fresh water, a reclaim system reuses previously used water. Thus, you aren’t continually drawing on freshwater; wastewater is recycled, reducing your facility’s water and sewage costs.
  • Save the Environment
    • Large water usage can also impact our environment. For every gallon of water used, that’s a gallon diverted away from streams, rivers, lakes and other natural water sources. Such usage can impact reserve water supplies and ecosystems that rely on fresh water. Conversely, car washes with a water reclaim minimally use fresh water. Thus, your facility’s environmental impact is significantly reduced.
  • Providing the Ultimate Clean
    • SoBrite strives to create water reclaim systems that maximize the cleaning potential of any car wash facility. Using specialized water treatment technology, we improve recycled water quality, thus helping clean and rinse vehicles. Reverse osmosis and UV systems work to prevent spots left behind after rinsing and negate foul odors resulting from anaerobic bacteria.
Man washing car using water from a Water Reclaim System in Springfield IL

Learn More

If you’re interested in a water reclaim system in Springfield IL and how it can impact the effectiveness of your car wash facility, talk with the water treatment experts at SoBrite Technologies today! You can contact us at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.