Water Reclaim System Green Bay WI
A car wash using a water reclaim system in Green Bay WI

Update Your Car Wash’s Water Reclaim System in Green Bay WI

Whether you’re building a new car wash facility or looking to change your existing business’s operations, you require a water reclaim system in Green Bay WI. Water reclaims help car wash operators maintain water waste and consumption, allowing for greater cost savings and a “greener” functioning car wash. If you’re interested in a new reclaim system, find the best available with SoBrite Technologies!

Reasons for Having a Water Reclaim System

There are some parts of our country where having a water reclaim system for your car wash facility is a requirement! However, for the places where it’s not required, it’s still just as essential to a successful business operation. A water reclaim system can offer benefits such as:

  • Cost Savings
    • With utility costs on the rise, car wash operators are looking for any way they can save. Unfortunately, car washes require significant volumes of water to operate, leading to high water and sewage bills. For this reason, many business owners invest in a reclaim system. SoBrite’s water reclaim system can reduce your facility’s freshwater consumption by 70%.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Green technology is an attractive draw for any business and is simply an excellent investment in a cleaner environment. With SoBrite’s water reclaim, you can vastly limit your facility’s environmental footprint. Rather than consuming large volumes of water and creating excessive water waste, any water used is recycled for another wash!
  • Increased Cleaning Capability
    • Your city’s water supply isn’t as clean as you might think. And without a proper water filtration system, your car wash will leave customers with water spots and foul odors on their vehicles. To counteract these problems and ensure a thorough clean, SoBrite’s water reclaims use reverse osmosis and UV systems to eliminate the bacteria in water.

SoBrite’s Systems

SoBrite Technologies has the water reclaim system in Green Bay WI to match your business! We offer our clients water filtration systems separate from our reclaims, best for retrofitting your old reclaims. Or, if constructing a new facility, installing one of SoBrite’s water reclaims can ensure your business functions more effectively from the get-go. Examples of our systems include:

SoBrite's Water Reclaim System for Green Bay WI car washes

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Rest assured, with a SoBrite water reclaim system in Green Bay WI, your car wash will operate at maximum efficiency with the smallest possible environmental footprint. To learn more about SoBrite Technology’s products, contact us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.