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Are You Searching for a Car Wash Water Reclaim System in Iowa?

Then, speak with SoBrite Technologies about how we can make your car wash more efficient with our water reclaim system in Iowa. Our products reduce your independence on city water supply and waste management, reduce water usage, and cut your operating costs. New competitors are popping up in your highly competitive industry all the time. Gain the competitive advantage you need with the help of our products. If you would like to learn more, give us a call today at 309-467-2335 for more information or a free estimate.

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You can find the right solution at SoBrite Technologies when you need to replace existing equipment or retrofit a new water reclaim system in Iowa. As a leader in the water treatment industry for nearly 50 years, we offer you products that deliver incredible performance. The reverse osmosis technology in our products also reduces your impact on the environment and eliminates water impurities that leave spots on cars after rinse cycles. To find the right solution for your car wash, use the following links for more information about our equipment.

Why Choose SoBrite Technologies Products?

Are you looking for ways to cut expenses at your car wash? You can do just that with our water reclaim system in Iowa. In addition, you can experience several other benefits from the installation of our water treatment solutions. Here are some of the best reasons to choose SoBrite Technologies products:

  • Use Water More Efficiently: Unfortunately, many car washes shorten their operating hours to make sure that do not drain the water supply in their community. Also, the amount of wastewater generated by car washes can cause a large strain on local water treatment facilities. However, you can position your car wash as a responsible community citizen by using less water with help from our water reclaim system in Iowa.
  • Cut Excessive Supply Costs: Your car wash will also trim monthly operating costs when you install our water reclaim system in Iowa. Our reverse osmosis technology will eliminate water impurities, meaning less soap, wax, and water is needed to get cars clean. Think about how much more money you can add to your bottom line with less cost on soap, wax, and water supplies.
  • Make Your Car Wash Spotless: Water from community water supplies contains contaminants that cause spots on the surface of customer cars. If your rinse cycle leaves unsightly blemishes, your customers may stop using your car wash to look for better results elsewhere. With our water reclaim system in Iowa, you can get reverse osmosis technology that rids water from the minerals and contaminants that cause those unwanted spots.
Water Reclaim System Iowa

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Make your car wash more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable with our water reclaim system in Iowa. Call us at 309-467-2235 to request a free estimate or learn more about us and our water treatment solutions. We are always looking to partner with car washes like yours to help them gain the competitive edge they need.