Water Reclaim System Madison WI
A car going through a car wash using a water reclaim system in Madison WI

Do You Need a Water Reclaim System in Madison WI?

Would you believe a significant portion of a car wash’s expenses are utility costs for water and sewage? It’s true! Car wash facilities can go through thousands of gallons of water per day, which can quickly add up. Thankfully, some systems enable car wash operators to significantly reduce fresh water consumption, alongside other improvements to your facility’s operation. Talk to SoBrite Technologies today to learn about a water reclaim system in Madison WI.

Our System’s Best Features

SoBrite has spent years refining our water treatment technology. We strive to create a highly-effective system that works to clean and purify waste water within one closed-loop system. SoBrite’s water reclaim system features reverse osmosis (RO), UV treatment, and hydro-cyclonic separation methods to achieve this goal. Additional features of our system include:

  • Proven odor control (SoBrite’s Aqua Prep)
  • UL listed control panel
  • Save fresh water consumption of 70% or more
  • Various-sized pumps and tanks for facilities large and small

Why Rely on a Water Reclaim?

As mentioned, a water reclaim system in Madison WI can significantly reduce your facility’s freshwater consumption. In doing so, your car wash benefits from:

  • Money Savings
    • Limiting your facility’s reliance on a city’s water supply helps keep your utility bills in check. No longer will you continually consume fresh water and create large volumes of water waste. Instead, your facility’s freshwater consumption can be reduced by as much as 70%!
  • Environmental Savings
    • While your reclaim system saves you money, it also helps preserve the environment! Water is diverted away from streams, lakes, rivers and other freshwater sources for every gallon used by a car wash. Additionally, the wastewater your car wash creates is filled with toxins harmful to the environment. Reducing water usage and filtering toxins out of water keeps your facility’s environmental footprint low.
  • Increased Cleaning Capability
    • Relying on your city’s unfiltered water does not make for an effective vehicle wash. While safe for consumption, city water contains contaminants that can leave stains and foster bacterial growth if you’re not careful. Thus, using UV tech and RO systems, SoBrite’s reclaims counteract issues like spotty rinses and foul-smelling water (caused by bacteria).
A Water Reclaim System for Madison WI car washes

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Achieve the greenest, cleanest, most cost-effective washes for your car wash facility with a water reclaim system in Madison WI manufactured and installed by SoBrite Technologies. To learn more about our products or request a quote, contact us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.