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SoBrite's water reclaim system for reverse osmosis car washes

Achieve the Ultimate Cost-Savings with a Water Reclaim System in Racine WI

Car wash operators throughout the U.S. always look for ways to save money. After all, running a car wash can be a costly endeavor! However, it’s the most essential component of car wash facilities that have operators paying the most: water and sewage utilities. Without water, how can you expect your car wash to run? Thankfully, there’s an easy and effective solution: water reclaim systems. To discover the benefits of a water reclaim system in Racine WI, and how it can impact your business, call SoBrite Technologies.

What Can You Expect from a Water Reclaim?

In the days before water reclaim systems became more prevalent, car washes operated only on the water supplied by city utilities. While the amount of water used to clean vehicles can vary, car washes can go through anywhere between 3,500 gallons to 7,000 gallons per day. A water reclaim looks to reduce your facility’s reliance on outside water systems, allowing wash water to be filtered and reused. Specifically, SoBrite’s reclaim systems provide:

  • Greater Water Preservation – As already mentioned, your car wash can go through a significant volume of water daily. However, rather than continually pulling fresh water from a city’s water supply, a reclaim allows you to continue using previously used wash water. SoBrite’s water reclaims and filters have reduced car wash facility freshwater consumption by 70% or more.
  • Create Less Water Waste – The other side of water consumption is water waste. Before the introduction of reclaim systems, car washes disposed of used water via city sewage systems, contributing to a significant portion of monthly utility costs. Now, with a water reclaim system in Racine WI, your facility can recycle wastewater rather than dispose of it. Ultimately, reduced water waste is better for cost-savings and the environment.
  • Reduce Odor Concerns – Unfortunately, your city’s water supply is less clean than you think. Running through a reclaim system is only effective to a point; without the proper filtration, bacterial growth can occur, leading to foul-smelling water. Thankfully, SoBrite’s reclaim systems use advanced UV tech to treat water, eliminating the toxins that cause odors.
  • A Clean and Spot-Free Wash – Along the same lines of city water not being as clean as it should be, unfiltered water used in washes can leave behind spots and residue on vehicles after rinsing. And a spotty exterior is the last thing your clients want to see after going through a wash. To resolve such issues, SoBrite’s systems include Reverse Osmosis tech to filter water before use.

Effective Water Treatment Solutions

While many water reclaim manufacturers are consistent in their designs and technology, SoBrite continually strives to advance and refine our systems. For nearly 50 years, we’ve developed some of our industry’s most advanced water filtration tech. We can assist car washes by replacing systems, installing new reclaims, or updating existing systems. Our products include:

A vehicle going through a car wash with a Water Reclaim System in Racine WI

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