Water Reclaim System Wisconsin Dells
A water reclaim system for Wisconsin Dells powering water features

A Water Reclaim System in Wisconsin Dells Helps Keep Water Cleaner!

Nowhere is clean water more essential to operation and success than at the Wisconsin Dells. Between countless pools, water parks, car washes, and other facilities, the Wisconsin Dells revolves around water! As such, your businesses and facilities require appropriate systems for keeping water clean and reducing water consumption and waste. And when looking for the best water treatment solutions, you can rely on a water reclaim system in Wisconsin Dells from SoBrite Technologies.


How Can Your Facility Benefit from Water Reclaim Systems?

Those looking to equip their facilities with water reclaim systems have everything to gain! Reducing water consumption and waste has significant benefits for your bottom line and the environment. Not to mention, SoBrite’s filtration tech gives water a more effective clean than other reclaim systems. Some of the benefits of SoBrite’s water reclaim systems include:

  • Environmental Protections
    • Before water reclaim systems, car washes and other facilities that relied on heavy water usage were bound by restrictions limiting what they could take from a city’s water supply. This was done to ensure water availability in areas of drought and prevent environmental harm caused by overconsumption. Now, with a water reclaim system, your business can reduce freshwater consumption by as much as 70%!
  • Reduced Utility Costs
    • Not only does reducing water consumption help the environment, but it also benefits your facility’s bottom line. For basic operation, the average car wash can go through 3,000 to 7,500 gallons of water per day, resulting in just as much water waste. And if you’re continually pulling water from a city’s water supply, your utility costs for water and sewage will quickly add up! Thankfully, utility costs can be vastly reduced with the inclusion of water reclaims.
  • “Cleaner” Cleans
    • While our city’s water management systems do their best to clean water, it’s not always enough. For example, car washes using unfiltered city water (even going through a reclaim system) can result in spotty vehicle rinses and foul-smelling water. Conversely, SoBrite’s water reclaim system for Wisconsin Dells uses UV tech and Reverse Osmosis systems to thoroughly filter water and eliminate contaminants, ensuring your facility always provides the cleanest washes.

SoBrite’s Products

If your facility depends on water usage, a water reclaim system is necessary for successful business operation. Since 1975, SoBrite has designed the most advanced water treatment technology, promising the cleanest water of comparable reclaim systems from other manufacturers. With help from SoBrite, you can either replace your current reclaim system or retrofit your existing system with SoBrite’s advanced filtration tech. Select from any of SoBrite’s products, such as:

SoBrite's Water Reclaim System Wisconsin Dells

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Rest assured; your facility will always have the cleanest water while maximizing production and minimizing water usage, thanks to SoBrite’s water reclaim system for Wisconsin Dells. To learn more about our products or request a quote, contact SoBrite Technologies today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.