Water Reclaim System Lansing MI
Water Reclaim System Lansing MI

Who Sells the Best Car Wash Water Reclaim System in Lansing MI?

Rely on SoBrite Technologies if you are looking for the best return on investment for a car wash water reclaim system in Lansing MI. We have served as a leader in water treatment solutions since 1975. Our equipment has helped car washes across Michigan save up to 70% on their water bills. Plus, we build all our technology to last. In fact, we installed the first Filtermatic water reclaim system in an active car wash in 1994 and it is still running today! Plus, we also offer odor control technology to handle any concerns about foul smelling recycled water. For more information, message us through our online contact form or email info@sobrite.com.

How Do You Save Money with a Water Reclaim System?

The water conservation provided by our car wash water reclaim system in Lansing MI can save your business up to 70% on water bills. Consequently, our equipment will pay for itself several times during its lifetime. Without a water reclaim system, rinse water containing chemicals and contaminants flow directly down the drain and into the environment. As a result, you spend more on water usage and disposal of wastewater. Fortunately, you can avoid spending more than necessary on water usage and water disposal with our technology.

How Does a Water Reclaim System Offer Better Quality Washes?

In most cases, municipal water supplies feed hard water or water loaded with minerals and other contaminants to your car wash. Those contaminants reduce the effectiveness of cleaning agents, meaning you need to use more per wash to clean effectively. Plus, minerals like calcium and magnesium in water can cause spots to form on vehicles after rinse cycles at your car wash. If that happens, your customer can quickly become dissatisfied with your business. Fortunately, we offer equipment that can filter out those contaminants. Thus, you spend less by using less cleaning chemicals and maintain better customer satisfaction with spot-free rinses.

What about Foul-Smelling Water from a Water Reclaim System?

SoBrite Technologies provides odor control technology to use in tandem with our car wash water reclaim system in Lansing MI. That way, you will not need to worry about any funky smells from your supply of recycled water. Our AquaPrep technology works with our equipment and water reclaim systems from other companies as well. We can install either a standalone machine or our SoBrite Adder. Both have a proven track record of success when it comes to getting rid of stinky water.

Water Reclaim System Lansing MI

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Would you like a free estimate or more information about our car wash water reclaim system in Lansing MI? Then, get in touch with SoBrite Technologies now by emailing info@sobrite.com or sending a message through our contact form. We provide systems to car washes throughout Michigan, including Lansing MI, Detroit MI, and Grand Rapids MI. So, let us help you install a new system, retrofit, or upgrade from older equipment. To speak with one of our representatives, call our office at 309-467-2335.