Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Peoria IL
SoBrite's water reclaim system for reverse osmosis car washes

Achieve the Cleanest Wash with a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System in Peoria IL

If you own or operate a car wash facility, do you have the best systems for optimizing water usage and ensuring the cleanest washes? While water reclaim systems have become more popular, you can still do more to manage the volume and cleanliness of the water your facility uses. With a commercial reverse osmosis system in Peoria IL, you can guarantee spotless cleans, among other benefits! If you are interested in a RO system for your car wash, call the water treatment experts at SoBrite Technologies.

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

SoBrite’s water filtration and reclaim systems filter water through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. In this process, hard water is subjected to pressure to pass through a semi-permeable membrane that removes unwanted particles. As a result, the water becomes more finely filtered and free of impurities, ready for reuse. SoBrite Technologies is among the few companies offering systems capable of filtration and water purification using reverse osmosis.

What Can Reverse Osmosis Do?

One of the number one benefits of having a reverse osmosis system is the ability to provide spot-free rinses! However, a spot-free rinse isn’t the only benefit of an RO system. With your RO car wash, you can expect:

  • Greater Cleaning Capabilities – Contaminants in water don’t always “play nice” with the soaps, waxes and cleaning chemicals your facility uses. However, eliminating those contaminants and reducing minerals and calcium deposits through reverse osmosis enables your car wash to provide more efficient cleaning.
  • No Spots! – Those same contaminants cause spotty vehicle exteriors after a wash. And if washing a vehicle, your customers expect a spot-free clean! Thankfully, reverse osmosis easily resolves issues of spottiness.
  • Protection of Equipment – Calcium in water, if unfiltered, will begin to form deposits in your system’s pipes, hoses, spray nozzles, and additional crucial equipment, sometimes requiring repair or maintenance! Conversely, a commercial reverse osmosis system can significantly reduce calcium build-up in your water, minimizing the need for maintenance.
  • Save Money – All in all, everything a reverse osmosis system does benefits your bottom line. For example, you use less soap and wax in washes when water is free of minerals and calcium, reducing waste and helping you save cleaning supplies. Additionally, the repairs and maintenance caused by calcium deposits can add up! Investing in reverse osmosis can help keep repair costs low and minimize product waste.

Select from SoBrite’s Systems

Just because you don’t have an RO system doesn’t mean you have to replace your old water reclaim system outright. SoBrite’s various filters, products and systems replace water reclaims and can be used to retrofit your existing system. SoBrite’s products include:

An illustration of a car wash using a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System in Peoria IL

Talk with Our Team

Having the right equipment and water reclaim systems for managing water usage and cleanliness of your facility is essential to saving money and growing your business. Ensure you use the best commercial reverse osmosis system in Peoria IL when selecting a water reclaim through SoBrite Technologies. To learn more about our products or request a quote, call us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.