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Invest in a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System in Chicago IL

As a car wash owner, being able to offer the “cleanest cleans” means having the equipment to support that claim! However, even with the best equipment, water quality can be an obstacle. For this reason, your facility can take the filtration and reuse of water into its own hands with a commercial reverse osmosis system in Chicago IL. And when searching for a reliable water reclaim system that uses reverse osmosis, car wash operators turn to SoBrite Technologies.

What’s Reverse Osmosis?

A water reclaim system that uses reverse osmosis (RO) can remove minerals and calcium from water. Even though these contaminants are not dangerous, they can contribute to other problems that car wash operators face. Reverse osmosis involves applying pressure on water as it is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane, causing unwanted particles to be left on the pressurized side of the membrane while the purified water is separated.

Do You Need a RO Water Reclaim System?

Reverse osmosis isn’t a standard feature for all water reclaim systems and, thus, isn’t necessary for the operation of your car wash facility. However, car washes that utilize reverse osmosis have benefited from more efficient cleaning, spot-free rinsing, reduced need for equipment maintenance, and more! If looking to stand out from other car wash facilities, a commercial reverse osmosis system in Chicago IL can help.

  • Offer a Spot-Free Wash
    • Standard water filtration does not remove minerals and calcium that can cause spotty and chalky residue on vehicle surfaces after drying, negatively impacting the rinsing process. However, applying reverse osmosis to your hard water and removing such contaminants enables a spot-free rinse for your vehicle.
  • Protect Your Equipment from Malfunctions
    • Using your car wash equipment regularly can accumulate calcium deposits in the hoses, spray nozzles, and other parts. This can result in clogs, lower water pressure, and malfunctioning equipment. However, if you have access to reverse osmosis, the absence of calcium in the water can prevent build-up and costly equipment failures.
  • Reduce Cleaning Chemical Waste
    • If you don’t have an RO water reclaim system, your car wash must work harder to clean effectively. Water contaminants can make soap and wax less effective, causing operators to use and waste more cleaning chemicals than necessary. Fortunately, a reverse osmosis system can provide more efficient cleaning and less chemical waste.

Equip Your Facility with SoBrite’s Best Systems

Whether searching for your first water reclaim system or looking to retrofit your existing system with advanced RO filtration tech, SoBrite Technologies has the equipment and filtration systems you’re looking for. See our incredible selection of water treatment solutions:

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