Water Reclaim System Cedar Rapids IA

Looking for a Water Reclaim System in Cedar Rapids IA?

SoBrite Technologies provides car wash operators with equipment that is easy to install and use with our water reclaim system in Cedar Rapids IA. Our company has served as a leader in water treatment solutions for nearly 50 years. We engineer and manufacture our machinery to integrate for use in even the oldest car washes. Whether you are building a new car wash, looking to upgrade an existing one, or retrofitting equipment, we can help. Plus, we assemble all our equipment by hand and inspect it here in the United States. Most importantly, we design, build, and test our water reclaim systems to exceed the demands of even the busiest car wash businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative car wash water reclaim system in Cedar Rapids IA.

Water Reclaim System Cedar Rapids IA

How Does a Water Reclaim System Work?

SoBrite Technologies can reduce freshwater usage by up to 70% with our car wash water reclaim system in Cedar Rapids IA. How is that possible? Our system draws water from settling tanks. Then, our equipment uses a semi-permeable membrane to push the water through while filtering out minerals and other impurities. Then, the processed water gets sent back on demand to the car wash for use. During this process, our machinery includes odor eliminating technology to provide good reclaim water free of unpleasant smells.

What Are the Benefits of a Water Reclaim System

Our equipment pays for itself with the many great benefits it brings to your car wash. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in our machinery.

  • Cost Savings – You can greatly reduce utility bills for water usage and disposal with our water reclaim system in Cedar Rapids IA. In fact, you can reduce water usage by up to 70%.
  • More Efficient Operation – Your car wash will also use less chemicals with the filtered water provided by our water reclaim system. Mineral deposits and other impurities in water make it harder to mix with soaps and wax in your car wash. Consequently, you will use more soap and wax than necessary per wash, driving up operating costs. However, you can avoid that problem with our equipment.
  • Less Environmental Impact – More municipalities are seeking ways to lessen the impact of excessive water usage on local ecosystems. You can position your car wash as an eco-friendly business with equipment that lessens demand on the local water supply.

Learn More about Our Products

SoBrite Technologies offers several different standalone water treatment solutions, including our water reclaim system in Cedar Rapids IA. In fact, we have used our experience with customers to redesign our water reclaim systems through three generations. As a result, our latest models are easier to maintain, operate more efficiently, and are simpler to use. Most importantly, our latest equipment comes with improved odor control and flow rates. For more information about our products, please use the following links.

Water Reclaim System Cedar Rapids IA

Do You Have Questions?

SoBrite Technologies takes pride in supporting our customers before, during, and after each sale. We are a privately owned company that will answer your questions with an actual person when you reach out to us. We work hard to get you the information you need or resolve any issues. That way, your operations run as smoothly as possible. Give us a call now at 309-467-2335 or email us through our contact form