Why Does My Car Have Spots after a Car Wash?
Why Does My Car Have Spots after a Car Wash?

Why Does My Car Have Spots after a Car Wash?

Have you ever found yourself asking why does my car have spots after a car wash? Those unsightly blemishes on the surface of your car occur because the water at the car wash contains minerals and impurities. Magnesium, calcium, and other minerals in water leave behind the chalky residue that forms spots when water evaporates. With that in mind, SoBrite Technologies engineers and develops equipment that helps car washes solve this problem. If you are looking to eliminate water spots at your car wash, contact us now to request a free quote or more information about our reverse osmosis systems.

How Do I Prevent Water Spots on My Car?

No matter where you go, you constantly keep asking yourself why does my car have spots? The best way to prevent spots from ruining your car’s paint job is to seek out car washes that use water reclaim systems that use reverse osmosis. SoBrite Technologies water recycling systems push car wash water through a semi-permeable membrane to filter out minerals and impurities. As a result, the contaminants get removed and flushed from the water, purifying the water at the car wash. Most importantly, the purified water will not leave the chalky spots that destroy the beauty of your car.

How Can I Get Rid of Existing Spots?

Many people make the mistake of trying to wash away water spots on their cars at home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have water filtration systems installed on their property. So, this will only expose your car to more hard water that could further exaggerate the problem you are having. Often, the best way to get rid of spots is going to a professional car wash with water recycling systems that use reverse osmosis. The professionals at your local car wash can inspect the issue you have with water spots and provide you with services to get rid of those stubborn hard water residues.

Where Can I Find Car Washes that Do Not Leave Spots?

SoBrite Technologies partners with car washes throughout the Midwest by installing equipment that ensures spot-free rinses. Our water recycling systems can be found in car washes in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. At these automatic car washes, the filtered water used during the final rinse will wash away any residual cleaning agents, soap, and cleaning water. This mineral-free water is quickly dried and evaporated, leaving your car free of the spots created by minerals and impurities in hard water.

Why Does My Car Have Spots after a Car Wash?

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SoBrite Technologies can help if you are looking to address water spot issues in your car wash. If your customers often ask why does my car have spots after a car wash, they will likely take their business somewhere else. However, you can avoid that kind of problem. So, ask how you can benefit from our water reclaim equipment that uses reverse osmosis. For more information, contact us today by calling our team at 309-467-2335 or through our contact form. We are one of the most trusted providers of car wash reclaim systems in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin.