Does Your Car Wash Need a Reclaim System
Does Your Car Wash Need a Reclaim System

Why Does Your Car Wash Need a Reclaim System?

Think about the needs of your customers if you are wondering why does your car wash need a reclaim system. If your car wash leaves spots on vehicles after rinse cycles, do you think there is an opportunity for improvement? Have you had to raise your prices due to greater cost on water bills or hiring staff to manually dry vehicles? With higher costs and less satisfaction, do you think some of your loyal customers will have an incentive to try alternatives? If you answered yes to one or more of your questions, your car wash does need a water reclaim system.

For over 50 years, SoBrite Technologies has helped car washes throughout the Midwest install innovative water reclaim systems. In fact, our equipment has helped car washes save up to 70% on water bills and get rid of contaminants that cause spots after rinse cycles. We realize how difficult it is for independent car wash owners to compete with franchise businesses. So, we give you the competitive edge by becoming a reverse osmosis car wash. Contact us for more information.

How Does a Water Reclaim System Work?

Now that you understand why your car wash needs a reclaim system, it is important to know how the technology works. SoBrite Technologies water reclaim systems use water filtration to give your car wash a supply of water free of impurities, minerals, and dissolved solids. Here is the process that our machines go through to provide you with purified water:

  • Our equipment uses pressure to force used water through a semipermeable membrane.
  • As the water passes through the membrane, minerals, dissolved solids, and other impurities are trapped and flushed out of the water.
  • Odor control technology then eliminates the presence of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause foul odors.
  • Finally, the purified water gets pumped to storage tanks where it is ready to be used during future wash and rinse cycles at your car wash.

How Does My Car Wash Benefit from a Reclaim System?

With the explanation of why your car wash needs a reclaim system and how it works out of the way, now you want to see how your business benefits. SoBrite Technologies has helped countless businesses in Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois save money and operate more efficiently. Here is how:

  • Cutting Operating Costs
    • The water reclaim system provides your customers with spot-free rinses by eliminating contaminants from the rinse water supply.
    • Also, the water reclaim system will allow cars to air dry instead of being manually dried, reducing labor costs and the time to complete vehicle rinsing.
    • So, the customer will spend less time and get better results for each wash.
  • Elimination of Spots During Rinse Cycles
    • The water reclaim system rids your water supply of contaminants like salt, magnesium, calcium, and other dissolved solids.
    • So, vehicles will not form spots while drying after rinse cycles.
    • Consequently, your car wash can eliminate labor costs for drying cars by hand.
  • Providing Low Maintenance Solutions
    • The water reclaim system operates without the need for extensive maintenance.
    • In fact, the water reclaim system will maintain good working condition with only periodic filter replacements and water quality checks.
    • So, you get cost savings and more efficient operations without a lot of hassle or effort to maintain the equipment.
Does Your Car Wash Need a Reclaim System

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