Water Reclaim System Des Moines IA

Top Reasons Your Car Wash Needs a Water Reclaim System in Des Moines IA

If you own a car wash, you know that costs involved with water supply and wastewater disposal can add up fast. As costs continue to rise, it becomes essential to find ways to run your car wash business more efficiently and cost effectively. SoBrite Technologies can help reduce your overhead costs with our water reclaim system in Des Moines IA. Our equipment can provide you with a solution that reduces water usage and wastewater. As a result, you save a lot on bills from utility providers. Contact SoBrite Technologies now to learn more about our innovative car wash water reclaim system in Des Moines IA.

Water Reclaim System Des Moines IA

The Benefits of Our Water Reclaim System

With so many competing operations popping up each day, your car wash needs to find a way to every advantage possible to get ahead. SoBrite Technologies can provide you with the competitive edge with our water reclaim system in Des Moines IA. Here are some of the biggest benefits you can receive from our industry-leading technology.

Cost Savings on Water

Recycling water used in your car wash every day can greatly reduce your supply and disposal costs. Our water reclaim system can eliminate your car wash’s dependence on local water providers. Plus, our equipment comes with advanced odor control systems to get rid of the unpleasant smells often associated with recycled water. The average car wash uses 65 to 80 gallons of water per vehicle. Without an effective water reclaim system, your car wash will see a lot of revenue running down the drain. The cost savings on water usage and disposal provided will more than pay the investment in our equipment.

Less Impact on the Environment

Communities across the United States are looking for ways to better conserve water. Often, car washes can become a target for local municipalities with rules restricting operating hours. As a result, your business can stand out in the competitive car wash market by showing you care about the environment. Your car wash can reduce freshwater consumption by up to 70% with our water reclaim system in Des Moines IA. Therefore, you can position your car wash as an environmentally friendly company that cares about protecting local ecosystems.

Improved Water Quality

Many car washes advertise spot-free rinses. However, several often fail to install equipment that filters out impurities in the water. As a result, customers quickly see chalky residue and spots form on their vehicles after they leave. Consequently, customers are more likely to seek alternative solutions. However, your car wash can make good on the promise of a spot-free rinse with our water reclaim system in Des Moines IA. Our equipment uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out minerals and other contaminants, providing better quality water. Most importantly, your customers will notice a difference they can see and appreciate the difference without spots.

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SoBrite Technologies has served as an industry leader in water treatment technology since 1975. Since we began engineering and manufacturing products, our team has developed innovative machinery. We make our products to provide comprehensive and more effective solutions, including features such as odor control or zero discharge into our equipment. Now, we offer several great solutions with water treatment products that help car wash operators. Our products include:

Water Reclaim System Des Moines IA

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