Water Reclaim System Detroit MI
Water Reclaim System Detroit MI

Why Buy a Car Wash Water Reclaim System in Detroit MI?

There are many reasons why it is a smart investment to purchase a car wash water reclaim system in Detroit MI. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to convert or upgrade your car wash with a water reclaim system from SoBrite Technologies:

  • Better Quality Washing – Car wash water reclaim systems from SoBrite Technologies provides a supply of reclaimed water that offers better quality washing. In addition, our odor controlling technology eliminates the funky odors often associated with recycled water.
  • Improved Water Conservation – Why spend more money on water than you should? Without a water reclaim system, all that water goes down the drain after every wash. So, your business gets charged for using more fresh water and for disposal of wastewater. Our water reclaim systems have helped car washes reduce water bills by up to 70%.
  • Environmental Benefits – Water reclaim systems also prevent the direct discharge of contaminants and chemicals into the local ecosystem. As a result, there is less negative impact on the environment and your facility will stay compliant with water usage regulations.

How Long Should the Water Reclaim System Run?

SoBrite Technologies technology is designed to run 24 hours a day. At a minimum, you should run your car wash water reclaim system in Detroit MI the entire time during business operating hours. To conserve energy, the system gets programmed to shut down. It gets switched into Auto Mode from 10 pm to 5 am each day, reducing unnecessary energy expenditure. Consequently, you do not need to do anything at the end of the business day. The system programming will shut it off during the overnight hours.

How Long Will the Water Reclaim System Work?

SoBrite Technologies build their water reclaim systems to last, even under heavy usage. In fact, we installed the first Filtermatic water reclaim system at an active car wash back in 1994. That system is still going strong today. So, your system will likely pay for itself several times in the form of utility bill savings.

However, it is important to provide proper system maintenance to keep it in good condition. Removing outside problems such as debris disrupting your water flow is critical to achieve maximum longevity for your equipment. If you have questions about maintaining a water reclaim system, contact SoBrite Technologies.

Do You Have Any Products to Help with Odors?

SoBrite Technologies can help with smelly water whether you run a car wash water reclaim system in Detroit MI from us or another maker. Our patented AquaPrep technology can be added to any existing water reclaim system with a standalone machine. If you own one of our systems, we can install the SoBrite Adder to eliminate foul smelling recycled water at your location. Both have successful track records in eliminating odor control problems. Most importantly, they can be installed in almost any retrofit application.

Water Reclaim System Detroit MI

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SoBrite Technologies has produced some of the most trusted water treatment solutions since 1975. We can significantly reduce your water bills, possibly shaving up to 70% off your operating expenses. Our company has helped countless car washes throughout the state of Michigan, including Detroit MI, Grand Rapids MI, and Lansing MI. So, contact us today to learn more or request a free quote. If you prefer, you can also get in touch with us by calling 309-467-2335 or emailing info@sobrite.com.