Water Reclaim System Grand Rapids MI
Water Reclaim System Grand Rapids MI

Why Invest in a Car Wash Water Reclaim System in Grand Rapids MI?

There are many significant reasons why buying a car wash water reclaim system in Grand Rapids MI is a great investment. Here are some of the biggest benefits your car wash can experience with machines from SoBrite Technology:

  • Cost Savings – Our water reclaim systems have helped car washes across Michigan reduce water bills by up to 70%. As a result, the cost savings on utility bills for water usage and wastewater disposal will pay off the equipment several times over during its useful life.
  • Improved Water Conservation – Without a water reclaim system, all that water used during each wash flows directly down the drain. So, that lack of efficiency in water usage will cost you big time over the long haul. However, you can avoid using more water than necessary by recycling water with our equipment.
  • Less Environmental Impact – Another downside to not using a water reclaim system is the harm it causes to the local ecosystem. A reclaim system prevents wastewater full of chemicals and other contaminants from flowing down drains and directly into the environment.

How Long Does a Water Reclaim System Last?

There is a reason why SoBrite Technologies has built a reputation for building the best water treatment solutions since 1975. We design, engineer, and make our equipment to hold up to heavy usage with incredible durability. In fact, we installed our first Filtermatic water reclaim system back in 1994. That machine is still in use at an active car wash today! Just think of how much money you can save on water bills for the next 30 years.

It is important to note that maintenance is required to achieve maximum durability of our water reclaim system in Grand Rapids MI. So, you will need to do things periodically, like removing debris that affects your water flow, to keep the equipment in good condition. Email us at info@sobrite.com to learn more about the durability of our water reclaim systems.

How Hard Is It to Operate a Water Reclaim System?

SoBrite Technologies takes the guesswork out of running your car wash water reclaim system in Grand Rapids MI. You simply just run the equipment all the time during operating hours. After that, the system will take care of itself. We program it to go into Auto Mode from 10 pm to 5 am, shutting the system off to avoid unnecessary power usage. As a result, you get equipment that is easy to operate and saves you money on power bills by shutting itself down.

What If Water from the Water Reclaim System Smells Bad?

SoBrite Technologies offers odor controlling technology that works in tandem with your car wash water reclaim system in Grand Rapids MI. In fact, our AquaPrep odor technology works with our equipment as well as water reclaim systems from other companies. We can install a standalone machine to work with a system from another maker. Plus, we can install a SoBrite Adder if you own one of our water reclaim systems. Both units have a proven track record of successfully eliminating foul odors from recycled water.

Water Reclaim System Grand Rapids MI?

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We can provide you with a free quote or any other information you need about our car wash water reclaim system in Grand Rapids MI. Our equipment has helped businesses like yours experience up to 70% savings on water bills. We work with car washes throughout the state of Michigan, including Grand Rapids MI, Detroit MI, and Lansing MI. Request more information now by sending us a message through our contact form or emailing info@sobrite.com. If you prefer, you can also speak to one of our representatives on the phone by calling 309-467-2335.