Water Reclaim System Kenosha WI
A SoBrite water reclaim system in Kenosha WI

How Can a Water Reclaim System in Kenosha WI Help Your Car Wash?

The costs of management and ownership of a car wash facility might be more than you expect. Especially when it comes to utility costs for water and sewage, car washes can see their operational costs skyrocket. Thankfully, there’s hope for modern car washes wishing to save money, starting with a water reclaim system. If you’re interested in how a water reclaim system in Kenosha WI can benefit your car wash facility, talk with the water treatment experts at SoBrite Technologies today!

What Do Water Reclaim Systems Do?

Rather than relying on your city’s water supply and sewage system to power your car wash, a water reclaim can reduce your dependence on local utility systems. In doing so, your facility’s water consumption is vastly reduced, resulting in benefits such as:

  • Increased Money Savings
    • Of the benefits water reclaim systems offer, money savings is perhaps the most crucial for car wash operators. Not only is relying on a city’s utilities expensive, but it can potentially limit operation depending on water usage limits. However, with a water reclaim, freshwater consumption is reduced by a significant margin, allowing your facility to rely less on city utilities.
  • Greater Cleaning Potential
    • Unfortunately, your city’s unfiltered “tap water” can’t provide as effective a clean for vehicles as you would hope. Your city’s water can contain contaminants that leave residue and spots on a car after rinsing, foster bacterial growth, and lead to unpleasant-smelling water. Conversely, a water reclaim system from SoBrite uses UV and Reverse Osmosis systems to eliminate water contaminants, promising a cleaner wash.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Besides money savings and more effective cleaning, a water reclaim system in Kenosha WI positively impacts the environment! By cleaning, filtering and reusing water, your facility does not as severely impact local water tables. Also, when reusing water, less waste is created, reducing the potential of chemical waste seeping into our water system and surrounding environment.

What to Expect from SoBrite Systems

For nearly 50 years, SoBrite Technologies has perfected and built upon the most advanced water treatment solutions. Not only do we design systems that are effective for recycling water, but our systems ensure to maximize your savings and create the cleanest possible water for use. As such, some of the best features of our reclaim systems include:

  • Proven odor control (SoBrite’s Aqua Prep)
  • UL listed control panel
  • Save fresh water consumption of 70% or more
  • Various-sized pumps and tanks for facilities large and small
A Water Reclaim System in Kenosha WI in operation

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Ensure your car wash facility can maximize both productivity and cost-savings with the addition of a water reclaim system in Kenosha WI. Learn more about water reclaim and filter systems and receive a quote by calling SoBrite Technologies at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.