Water Reclaim System Eau Claire WI
Man washing a car at a car wash powered by a water reclaim system in Eau Claire WI

Do You Need a Water Reclaim System in Eau Claire WI?

Do you operate a car wash facility? If so, you likely understand how challenging it can be between day-to-day management and juggling operational costs and fees. For example, water and sewage utility charges for one car wash facility can skyrocket to seemingly impossible numbers. Thankfully, there are ways for car wash operators to manage the most challenging components of running a car wash facility. With a water reclaim system in Eau Claire WI, you can completely reverse water consumption and improve the cleaning capabilities of your facility. If interested in a reclaim for your business, reach out to SoBrite Technologies today!

What Do SoBrite’s Systems Achieve?

Most modern car washes cannot operate without some version of a reclaim or water filtration system. However, not all reclaim systems are created equal. As such, SoBrite’s systems guarantee to achieve the most essential goals for your facility: reduce water consumption, reduce water waste, and maximize your facility’s cleaning capabilities.

  • Minimize Water Consumption
    • On average, your standard car wash facility can use anywhere between 3,000 to 7,500 gallons of water Ultimately, such extensive water usage can lead to high utility costs and cause water deficits in potential areas of drought. For these reasons, your facility requires a water reclaim system. SoBrite’s water reclaims can reduce a facility’s water usage by as much as 70%!
  • Reduce Water Waste
    • Used wash water from a car wash is filled with contaminants and chemicals, making it ill-suited for use in another wash. And assuming the amount of water your facility uses is already excessive, so will the resulting water waste. Thankfully, SoBrite’s water reclaim system for Eau Claire WI can take all your water waste, filter/clean it, and make it usable for additional washes.
  • Maximize Cleaning Capabilities
    • Your city’s water might not be as clean as you think! In fact, while safe for consumption, unfiltered city tap water contains certain contaminants that leave behind spots and residue after a vehicle wash. Additionally, if your present reclaim system lacks proper filtration, the recycled water can begin to foster bacterial growth, leading to foul-smelling water. SoBrite’s systems use UV tech and Reverse Osmosis systems to filter and eliminate all contaminants in your water to ensure your water is at its cleanest.
A SoBrite Water Reclaim System in Eau Claire WI

SoBrite’s Systems and Retrofits

Since 1975, SoBrite Technologies has led water treatment solutions in the Midwest and throughout the United States. We’ve built our reputation on excellent business practices and high-quality products, ensuring the most customer satisfaction from our clients. Furthermore, we strive to meet your specific needs with systems and retrofits that make up for what your car wash facility currently lacks.

Talk with the Water Treatment Experts

When you need a solution to your car wash facility’s water consumption and cleanliness, you can count on a water reclaim system in Eau Claire WI, designed and manufactured by SoBrite Technologies. To learn more about our products or request a quote, contact us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.