Water Reclaim System Missouri
A SoBrite Water Reclaim System

Top Quality Water Reclaim System in Missouri

Does your car wash need better performance from its water reclaim system in Missouri? Then, update your business with one of the best water reclaim systems available today from SoBrite Technologies. We can provide you with equipment that offers the best water treatment performance. Also, our products help your business become more efficient, keeping overhead costs low. Contact us at 309-467-2335 to find our more information or request a free quote.

The Benefits of Our Water Reclaim System

Car washes once relied on civic water supplies and sewage management. They soon found out after using 65-80 gallons of fresh water per car that this was not an efficient way to do business. Plus, the disposal of wastewater created additional problems in the past. Fortunately, the development of water reclaim systems allows car washes to cut their operating expenses by reusing water. SoBrite’s reclaim systems combine reverse osmosis, UV treatment, and hydro-cyclonic separation to purify and filter water. This process makes water cleaner and less expensive than using city water supplies. In addition, you can expect these benefits from our water reclaim system in Missouri:

  • SoBrite’s AquaPrep delivers proven odor control.
  • An easy-to-use, UL listed control panel.
  • Reduced consumption of fresh water by 70% or more.
  • A wide selection of pumps and tanks to fit the size of your facility.

The Purpose of Water Reclaim Systems

Water reclaim systems are more a necessity than a luxury with today’s car washes in the Midwest. New car washes are popping up and providing more competition every day. So, use the cost-saving benefits, reduced environmental footprint, and better water quality provided by SoBrite Technologies products to gain a competitive edge. Here are some of the biggest reasons to invest in a water reclaim system in Missouri:

  • Reduced Operating Expenses: Car washes without water reclaims struggle to stay profitable with sky high water and sewage disposal costs. So, why pay those high rates when you can use our own equipment to gain independence from city water supplies and waste management? When you do, you will reduce your overhead and make money to keep your business growing and thriving!
  • Sustainable Water Usage: The amount of water used and the wastewater created by car washes can negatively affect the environment in a significant way. Excessive water use places a drain on the community’s water supplies. As a result, it diverts fresh water from natural sources, hurting ecosystems who rely on those water supplies. With our water reclaim system, your business can reduce its impact on the environment.
  • Better Quality Water: With a SoBrite water reclaim system, you get a supply of water optimized for use in your car wash business. Using UV treatment technology, bacteria is eliminated from recycled water, eliminating foul odors following a wash. In addition, the reverse osmosis process removes much of the minerals, toxins, and contaminants in water, providing your customers with a spotless clean for their vehicles.
A SoBrite Water Reclaim System

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