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A man washing vehicle at a car wash using SoBrite's Car Wash Reclaim in Peoria IL

Save Money and the Environment with a Car Wash Reclaim for Peoria IL

Car wash operators around the country are always looking for new ways to maximize the efficiency of their facilities. The most significant concerns for most car washes are the amount of water consumed and the waste created. Thankfully, technology now helps car washes be more efficient in how they use water. Through a car wash reclaim in Peoria IL, your business can save thousands more a year on water and sewer costs while benefiting the environment! Learn more about water reclaim and filter systems by calling SoBrite Technologies today.

What is a Reclaim System?

Car wash reclaim systems are crucial to most modern car wash facilities. Before, car washes would create significant water waste without a method for filtering water before returning to a city’s sewers and water supply. Now, not only can reclaim systems filter water, but it allows water to be reused throughout your facility. SoBrite’s systems use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment that collectively filters and purifies water. Thus, wash water is always clean, without the chemicals and contaminants from other washes. SoBrite’s Car Wash Reclaim offers:

  • Proven odor control (SoBrite’s Aqua Prep)
  • UL listed control panel
  • Save fresh water consumption of 70% or more
  • Various-sized pumps and tanks for facilities large and small

Why You Need Water Reclaim

Reclaim systems are modernizing the way car washes operate. Not only does a car wash reclaim in Peoria IL help facility owners save money, but waste is significantly reduced, which benefits the environment! Here’s why you need a water reclaim system for your car wash:

  • Environmental Protection – Car wash reclaim systems work to reduce the waste produced by your business significantly. SoBrite’s systems filter chemicals and debris from previously used wash water, allowing it to be reused for other washes. Thus, your facility utilizes less water and releases less waste into the environment.
  • Money Saving – SoBrite’s car wash reclaim systems can save on fresh water consumption by 70% or more! Such a reduction in water consumption is not only eco-friendly but cost-effective! As utility water and sewer costs continue to rise, you can drastically reduce the water your facility pulls from a main water line.
  • Odor Control – SoBrite employs our AquaPrep Odor Control for every reclaim system. Reusing water can have some downsides, such as persistent odors due to chemical treatment or bacterial growth. Thankfully, SoBrite’s odor control technology counters such concerns, eliminating the source of odors from reclaimed water.
  • Spot-Free Washes – A filter system not utilizing RO treatment risks leaving cars still looking dirty after a wash. Reverse Osmosis removes the contaminants that are most likely to leave behind spots and debris after a wash. Using SoBrite’s car wash reclaim system guarantees spot-free washes for every vehicle.
Filters part of SoBrite's Car Wash Reclaim in Peoria IL

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A car wash reclaim in Peoria IL is crucial for any new or out-of-date car wash facility. To ensure the best water treatment tech supports your business, call the professionals at SoBrite Technologies today. You can contact us at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.