Water Recycling System Chicago IL
Water Recycling System Chicago IL

Better Manage Waste with a Water Recycling System in Chicago IL

Improve revenue at your car wash business by improving wastewater management with a water recycling system in Chicago IL. SoBrite Technologies has created innovative water management equipment for decades. Now, you can take advantage of our technological breakthroughs to reduce your reliance on municipal water supplies. Our water recycling systems allow you to recycle and reuse water in your car wash every day. Give us a call at 309-467-2335 to receive a free quote or get more information on our revolutionary water recycling system in Illinois.

Why Choose Our Water Recycling System in Chicago IL?

Your car wash will receive several great benefits from our water recycling system in Chicago IL. Water recycling for car washes offers more than protection or preservation of the environment. Businesses that use SoBrite Technologies’ water reclaim systems also receive the following perks:

  • Reduced Utility and Sewage Costs – Typically, car washes use about 35-40 gallons of water for each vehicle wash in an in-bay system. Since a car wash can wash 20 to 40 vehicles a day per bay, that is a large utility bill expense! In addition, sewage bills from wastewater associated with running a car wash also add up quickly. However, our water reclaim systems can greatly reduce a your bills, cutting your overhead and increasing revenue.
  • Better Maintained Equipment – Municipal water supplies are often not as clean or “filtered” as many of us would expect. Though this does not make water unusable for washing, it can lead to equipment breakdowns. Calcium deposits will form in your car wash’s spray nozzles, hoses, etc., clogging them, reducing water pressure, and ultimately breaking component parts. On the other hand, a reverse osmosis water reclaim system will filter calcium out of the water, preserving your equipment over the long haul.
  • The Cleanest Cleans – Are you customers complaining about spots forming on their vehicles after rinse cycles? Are there foul odors coming from the water used in car washes over time? These are typical problems that car washes see. However, a water reclaim system can eliminate these issues. SoBrite Technologies systems use reverse osmosis and UV technology to filter your water, ridding it of contaminants that create the chalky residue after rinse cycles and formation of bacteria.

Full-Service Solutions for Your Car Wash

Whether retrofitting additional filters, updating an existing system, or installing an brand new reclaim system, SoBrite Technologies can help. We help clients choose the perfect water recycling system in Chicago IL to fit their budget and business needs. Since 1975, our company has delivered the most recommended water treatment solutions to Illinois, the Midwest, and all across America. We offer the following top performing systems:

Water Recycling System Chicago IL

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Are you interested in a free quote or learning more about how your business can benefit from our car wash water recycling system in Chicago IL? Then, give us a call at 309-467-2335 or fill out our online contact form. We offer you over 40 years of experience, continued innovation, and proven results in odor control, spot-free systems, and water reclaim technologies.