Water Recycling System Illinois
A car being washed in a car wash using a water recycling system

Manage Waste from Your Car Wash with a Water Recycling System in Illinois

As a car wash facility manager, you have direct insight into the amount of water waste produced by a car wash’s daily operation. Unfortunately, such waste is significant! However, the best, most efficient car wash facilities take advantage of the water waste produced by recycling and reusing it. With a water recycling system in Illinois, you can minimize waste and maximize savings! Call SoBrite Technologies today to discover our exceptional water reclaim systems.

How Does Water Recycling Benefit Your Car Wash?

Water recycling sounds like a green, environmentally friendly process, and you wouldn’t be wrong! However, water recycling for car washes does more than protect and preserve the environment. Car washes that use SoBrite’s water reclaim systems can look forward to:

  • Lower Sewage & Utility Costs
    • On average, it takes about 35-40 gallons of water to clean a vehicle in an in-bay automatic car wash. Consider a car wash might wash 20 to 40 vehicles a day in a single station; your water utility bill begins to add up! Also, factoring in sewage costs for wastewater, costs associated with running a car wash can seem endless. Thankfully, water reclaim systems vastly reduce a facility’s reliance on city utilities, enabling wastewater reuse.
  • Better Maintained Equipment
    • Your city’s water supply might not be as clean or “filtered” as expected. While this doesn’t mean this water is unusable for washing, it can eventually cause your equipment to malfunction. Calcium deposits can begin to form in your spray nozzles, hoses, etc., causing clogs, reduced water pressure, and damage to equipment. Conversely, with a reverse osmosis water reclaim system, calcium is filtered out of water, helping preserve the condition of your equipment.
  • The Cleanest Cleans
    • Do you find the vehicles you wash always dry spotty after rinsing? Does the water used for washes tend to get a foul odor over time? These are some common problems your car wash might experience. However, with the addition of a water reclaim, these issues can be resolved entirely. SoBrite’s systems use UV technology and reverse osmosis to thoroughly filter your water, removing the contaminants that leave behind residue and foster bacterial growth.

What System is Best for Your Facility?

Whether updating your facility’s existing system, retrofitting additional filters, or installing an entirely new reclaim system, SoBrite has you covered. We work with clients to match them with a water recycling system in Illinois that works best with their budget and facility needs. Since 1975, SoBrite Technologies has delivered exceptional water treatment solutions to Illinois, the Midwest, and throughout the United States. Our team can help you select from our:

SoBrite Equipment used for a Water Recycling System in Illinois

Give SoBrite a Call!

Avoid water waste, reduce utility bills, and help protect the environment by implementing a water recycling system in Illinois for your car wash facility. Give the water treatment experts at SoBrite Technologies a call today! To learn more about our products or request a quote, call us today at 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.