Water Recycling System Indiana
Water Recycling System Indiana

What to Know about a Car Wash Water Recycling System in Indiana

Your car wash can overcome a poor municipal water supply with SoBrite Technologies’ car wash water recycling system in Indiana. Our water reclaim systems are simple to implement and use, reduce your carbon footprint, and do not cost a lot to maintain. Plus, our equipment comes with the car wash industry leading Aqua Prep odor technology. Consequently, you receive the cleanest water recycling system available that provides water free of foul odors often associated with water reclaim systems. To learn more, use the following links:

You can also get in touch with us by using our online contact form to request more information. Also, you can call to speak with our friendly representatives at 309-467-2335.

How Does the Water Recycling System Work?

That is an excellent question. We understand you may shop around for different products and want to know how our technology works. Our equipment filters water through a semi-permeable membrane while applying pressure. During this process, unwanted contaminants such as calcium or other mineral deposits are removed from your water supply. They are kept on the pressurized side of the membrane, providing you with purified water. For easy reference, you can click here for a brochure about our car wash water recycling system in Indiana.

What Are the Benefits of the Water Recycling System?

It is only natural to want to know what return you are getting on your money when thinking about investing in a water recycling system in Indiana. With that in mind, here are some of the top benefits you can receive by installing our water reclaim system in Indiana.

  • Spot-Free Washes – Your customers will get frustrated if they leave your car wash with the unsightly, chalky white spots left behind on their vehicles. Fortunately, our technology takes care of that by filtering out the calcium deposits that cause cars to get spots after rinse cycles.
  • Improved Efficiency – Mineral deposits create clogs in your equipment that lead to low water pressure. Plus, they damage spray nozzles and hoses, break components, and cause parts of your car wash to stop working efficiently. Our water recycling system will help you avoid mineral deposits that affect the efficiency of your equipment and costly part replacement.
  • Reduced Chemical Waste – Hard water does not mix well with soap and wax. As a result, your car wash will use more cleaning chemicals per wash. However, you can reduce your expenses on chemicals and create less chemical waste with our water recycling system.

What Happens if the Recycled Water Supply Runs Out?

For starters, do not panic. We build backups into every car wash water recycling system in Indiana. So, our Easy Reclaim System (ERS) will activate the automatic fresh water override if your water reclaim tanks run low for any reason. Meanwhile, our Filtermatic system activates a fresh water makeup solenoid. As a result, fresh water from the municipal supply will flow into the holding tanks if the reclaim tanks run out of water.

How Long Should the Water Recycling System Run Each Day?

In an ideal situation, you should continuously run our car wash water recycling system in Indiana. However, you can conserve energy costs by scheduling the system to shut down between the hours of 10 pm to 5 am if necessary. At minimum, you should run the system each day during the full operating hours for your car wash.

Water Recycling System Indiana

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