Water Recycling System Springfield IL
A car wash attendant cleaning a vehicle with water from a water recycling system in Springfield IL

Don’t Go Without a Water Recycling System in Springfield IL for Your Facility

Running a car wash facility opens the door to some incredible profits! However, profits can go from black to red quickly if the operation of your car wash is not implemented efficiently. For example, a water recycling system in Springfield IL helps facility owners achieve the utility savings they need while ensuring more effective water usage. Even better, a water reclaim from SoBrite Technologies can transform the quality service you provide for customers. Call SoBrite today!

Why Install a Water Reclaim?

In truth, it’s becoming more difficult for car washes to operate without water recycling or filtering to some degree. Between rising utility costs and federal/state environmental restrictions, reducing water consumption has been a goal of facility operators. Thankfully, by installing a water reclaim system from SoBrite, you resolve these issues and more!

  • Conserve Water – Can you believe it takes 35-40 gallons of water on average to clean a vehicle in an automatic car wash? It’s true! Multiplied by the number of cars you service per day, your facility might go through thousands of gallons daily! Thankfully, a water reclaim system can significantly reduce your water usage, saving 70% or more freshwater consumption.
  • Save Money & the Environment – Such impressive water consumption not only benefits your bottom line, but it positively impacts the environment! Reusing wastewater enables car wash facilities to save on water and sewage utilities. Water reclaims also ensure your business complies with all local and federal environmental regulations.
  • Protect Equipment – Unfortunately, unfiltered water can carry significant amounts of calcium. While not immediately harmful to the washing process, calcium deposits can build up in hoses, faucets, nozzles, and other washing equipment, causing breakdowns and malfunctions. Conversely, SoBrite’s water recycling systems use reverse osmosis to filter out most calcium, preventing buildup altogether.
  • Enable Cleaner Washes – Even with a reclaim system, some car washes still have issues with foul-smelling water (from bacterial growth) and spotty rinses (from contaminants in water). That’s why SoBrite offers reclaims that use reverse osmosis and UV technology. Combined, these features eliminate bacteria and contaminants, promising cleaner washes.

Equipment from SoBrite

No matter your facility’s water control needs, SoBrite Technologies has you covered. We produce equipment to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, so you don’t have to break the bank converting to a reverse osmosis reclaim. Otherwise, we assist operators when setting up a new water reclaim system in Springfield IL, or anywhere else throughout the Midwest. Our impressive line of water filters and reclaim systems include:

Water Recycling System Springfield IL

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If you can’t get a handle on your facility’s water usage, it’s time to look into a new water recycling system in Springfield IL. Invest in the best reverse osmosis water reclaim systems designed and manufactured by SoBrite Technologies. Learn more about our products by calling 309-467-2335. SoBrite Technologies’ main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.