How Can I Reuse My Car Wash Water
How Can I Reuse My Car Wash Water

How Can I Reuse My Car Wash Water?

SoBrite Technologies makes it easy for your business to reuse your car wash water with our water reclaim systems. We have developed cutting-edge water treatment solutions since 1975. In fact, our equipment has helped car washes save up to 75% on water bills, reducing their costs and improving efficiency. Rather than sending water used at your car wash down the drain, our machines push the water through a semi-permeable membrane. During the process, minerals and contaminants get filtered out and flushed. Then, the purified water goes back into your water supply, greatly reducing your usage and dependence on fresh water. We offer some of the most popular car wash water recycling systems throughout the Midwest, including in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, and Wisconsin. For more information, message us now through our contact form.

Why Buy a Car Wash Water Reclaim System?

Now that we have answered how you can reuse your car wash water, let’s review some of the compelling reasons to invest in one.

  • Saving Money on Expenses – Purchasing and installing a water reclaim system can significantly cut your sewer and water bills.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Our water recycling equipment can also help your business to conserve water.
  • Odor Control – Unpleasant smells are often associated with wastewater in car washes. However, you can eliminate that problem with SoBrite Technologies equipment. Our car wash water reclaim system comes with odor eliminating technology.
  • Marketing Opportunities – You can create a positive selling point for your business compared to your competitors by promoting your business as an eco-friendly, water-conscious choice.
  • Spot-Free Rinses – Our reverse osmosis systems remove calcium, minerals, and other impurities from your water supply. As a result, we get rid of the causes of chalky residues that form on vehicles after water from the rinse cycle dries. Thus, you can improve customer satisfaction with your business by upholding the spot-free rinse pledge!

Why Choose SoBrite Technologies Water Reclaim Systems?

Since 1975, our company has provided cutting-edge technology and industry-leading products advancing water treatment solutions. That is why we are one of the most trusted companies for water reclaim systems in the Midwest. Plus, we back all our high-performance water recycling solutions with excellent customer service. In addition, your car wash operation will receive the following benefits:

  • Reliable Performance – Our water reclaim systems are known for holding up to even the heaviest usage and delivering quality, consistent results.
  • Incomparable Features – Our machines offer greater efficiency and innovative features than you find with other available options in the water treatment industry.
  • Customizable Solutions – We can design and make equipment specifically for the needs of your business. Plus, our equipment can work with both large-scale operations and small, independent businesses.
How Can I Reuse My Car Wash Water

Contact Us for Water Reclaim Systems

SoBrite Technologies solutions make it easy for you to reuse your car wash water. Plus, they make your car wash more efficient and more sustainable while helping to reduce your operating costs and improve water conservation. Request a free estimate now by messaging us through our online contact form or by calling 309-467-2335. We provide some of the most trusted equipment for car washes located in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We look forward to creating systems custom fit for your car wash.