Water Recycling System Peoria IL
A car wash cleaning a vehicle, using a water recycling system in Peoria IL

Save Water, Money and the Environment with a Water Recycling System in Peoria IL

Has running your car wash facility got you running ragged, trying to make ends meet to pay bills every month? You’re not alone! Car wash facilities, while incredibly lucrative businesses, cost a significant amount to run and maintain. Water and sewage utility costs alone can put your company in the red if you’re not careful. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution for reducing water usage and cutting utility costs! Invest in a water recycling system in Peoria IL from SoBrite Technologies.

What Advantages to Water Reclaim Systems Offer?

Thanks to a water recycling system, also known as water reclaims, you can easily recycle the wastewater your facility creates. Not only does this help benefit the environment through water conservation, but water recycling also impacts your bottom line. Not to mention, there are additional advantages to installing a reclaim system from SoBrite:

  • Reduced Spending
    • Car wash stalls use a ton of water to clean vehicles. In fact, it takes approximately 35-40 gallons of water to clean a car in an in-bay automatic car wash. Multiply that amount by the number of vehicles that come through your facility, and you begin to see where all your money is going! Not to mention, this doesn’t consider how much you pay in sewage fees! Thankfully, installing a water reclaim resolves both issues, helping facilities save 70% or more fresh water consumption.
  • Less Repairs
    • Do you continually run into issues with your hoses or spray nozzles clogging or malfunctioning? With unfiltered car washes, this is a common concern. Unfortunately, calcium buildups in your water system can cause havoc to regular operation, requiring consistent repairs, maintenance and replacement. However, with a reverse osmosis water reclaim (such as SoBrite offers), calcium and other debris are completely filtered out of your water.
  • Exceptional Clean
    • Vehicles should be totally clean and spotless after a car wash, so why do some car washes leave behind spotty residue and foul-smelling water? Unfortunately, even with a water recycling system in Peoria IL, bacteria and contaminants can still be left behind in the water, causing these issues. However, such isn’t the case with SoBrite’s reclaim systems. Our equipment uses UV technology and reverse osmosis to help eliminate bacteria and contaminants from water, promising an always spotless clean.

Count On a SoBrite Water Reclaim

Whether you need a water recycling system in Illinois, the Midwest, or anywhere throughout the United States, SoBrite Technologies can happily oblige. Our systems are used nationwide, helping car wash owners achieve exceptional profits and savings. SoBrite equipment can be retrofitted to your existing system, adding benefits like reverse osmosis or UV technology. Otherwise, we can help you build your facility from the ground up, with water recycling at its core. No matter your car wash facility’s needs, you can count on high-quality technology from SoBrite:

A Water Recycling System in Peoria IL designed and manufactured by SoBrite

Talk with Our Team

If your car wash facility’s waste is costing you money, consider investing in a water recycling system in Peoria IL. And when searching for the best, most efficient water reclaims in the U.S., facility operators rely on SoBrite Technologies. To learn more about our products or request a quote, call 309-467-2335. Our main office is located at 809 W Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.