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The Cleanest Washes with a Reverse Osmosis Car Wash in Chicago IL

Running a car wash can be a profitable business venture if managed correctly! However, for car wash facilities with less effective water reclaims, operators run into issues like spotty washes, malfunctioning equipment, and wasted cleaning chemicals. Thankfully, an easy solution to such issues is upgrading your facility to a reverse osmosis car wash in Chicago IL! The best, most effective reverse osmosis reclaim systems are available through the water filtration experts at SoBrite Technologies.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

A reverse osmosis (RO) water reclaim system is unique in its ability to filter contaminants such as calcium and minerals out of water. While neither makes water unsafe to use, such contaminants cause other issues car wash operators must contend with. The reverse osmosis process filters water through a semi-permeable membrane while applying pressure. This results in unwanted particles staying on the semi-permeable membrane’s pressurized side, separated from the filtered water.

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis?

While there are other options for car wash water reclaims and filtration systems, few resolve the problems covered by a reverse osmosis car wash in Chicago IL. For example, some of what an RO water reclaim system addresses includes:

  • Spotty Washes
    • Unfortunately, the minerals and calcium not removed in standard water filtration can negatively impact vehicle rinses. For example, mineral and calcium deposits in water leave behind a spotty, chalky residue on surfaces after drying. However, applying reverse osmosis to your hard water removes such contaminants, enabling spot-free rinses!
  • Malfunctioning Equipment
    • As your car wash’s hoses, spray nozzles and other equipment are consistently used, calcium deposits can build up in each, creating clogs, reducing water pressure, and causing equipment to malfunction. However, without calcium in water (thanks to reverse osmosis), you can avoid calcium build-up and costly equipment breakdowns.
  • Cleaning Chemical Waste
    • Without an RO water reclaim system, your car wash must work extra hard to ensure an effective clean. Due to the contaminants left behind in water, soap and wax don’t mix as well with your water, causing operators to use and waste more cleaning chemicals than needed. Thankfully, the water from a reverse osmosis system ensures more efficient cleaning and less chemical waste.

SoBrite’s Best Systems

At SoBrite Technologies, we specialize in developing the best water treatment solutions. Whether replacing an old reclaim or looking to update your car wash‘s current system, SoBrite has the perfect filters and reclaim systems for complete replacements or retrofits. Our products include:

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